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Replacing CPU Cooling fan - Dark Rock Pro 4

Hi all, I have a Dark Rock Pro 4 and it comes with a 120mm fan for pushing and a 135mm one for pulling air to the back of the case. By default, they're connected to the CPU fan header on the mobo through a fan splitter.

Now, I want to replace the push fan with something else. The thing is the new push fan spins faster (at 2000 rpm) than the 135mm pull (not sure but apparently maxes out at 1200 rpm). I would like to know if it's the splitter cable is going to limit the new fan so that it doesn't run faster than the 135mm, and if not, would this push-fan-faster-than-pull-fan situation be fine for cooling? I heard there could be some blowback when the cpu fan speeds are not in sync. Thanks for your help!

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