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No monitor connection-Motherboard yellow light


Hey guys,

im having an issue with my pc that I just shipped over from another country. When I first tried to use it yesterday, the monitor wouldnt get any signal, however with my laptop plugged into the monitor it would work. After I re installed the cpu, ram and gpu, I got a signal to my monitor and was able to use my pc for a day. However just now my pc froze up completely, and I had to manually restart it. Upon powering it up, I again am not receiving a signal on my monitor. 
Does anybody have an idea where the issue could lie and how to fix it? If it helps im using the https://www.amazon.com/ROG-STRIX-Z270E-GAMING-Motherboard/dp/B01NGTJNSZ , and there are both a red and yellow stable light on the motherboard

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