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First Camera

Hello, I am looking to get my first real DSLR, have a a200 I got for free, to really learn photography on. I am stuck currently between Nikon's D3500 and D5600 both of which would come with the standard two kit lenses. I am hesitant to spring for the D5600 as if I don't end up getting into it but I do not know if the D3500 is sufficient. One thing I will need to use it for is to shoot indoor volleyball. I have heard this is a challenge to shoot and will require a prime lens but I do not know if I should also get the D5600 for its additional autofocus points. Honestly I have done a lot of research but have ended up confused as the 5600 is the top of my price range and Its still a lot of money at $699 for something I may not even use. Sorry if this rambled on but hopefully I can get some good recommendations I am willing to go used if it means getting a better camera but I do now know where to go from here.

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At that budget, anything that you get is going to be a compromise. Both are 5fps, but you'll get 39 AF points on the D5600 vs 11 on the D3500. However, neither of these cameras are going to be very fast or consistent at acquiring focus in low light, which is something that is critical for shooting indoor sports.


I'm assuming that you'll be shooting in high school gyms (or similar), which typically require at least ISO 6400 and f/2.8 to get decent shutter speeds. At those kinds of light levels, any AF system that is below what you would find in a 1DX Mark II or D5 is going to struggle.


For this specific purpose, my recommendation is actually a used Canon 70D, and shoot in live view exclusively. The Canon dual pixel AF is as good or better than the viewfinder AF that you get from the top sports cameras. The downside of this is that you'll have to carry multiple extra batteries on you.

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Do not buy an entry level nikon dslr. The d3x00 and d5x00 lack an in body AF motor, which renders older nikon lenses unusable with the camera's AF system. 


That's why I always recommend the 800d to people looking for an entry level camera. Its better on paper, allows you to use all EF and EF-S glass, which are more readily availabe at better prices in the used market and has much better video capabilities and live view AF. The only advantage of nikon entry level dslrs is the lack of an AA filter, which makes absolutely no difference to a beginner. 


That isn't the case when looking at higher end dslrs, where nikon tends to be the better choice. 


You could also look at mirrorless options. The fuji xt100 comes to mind. which is an excellent little camera for the price. 


Also, I'd really encourage you to look at the used market, since you can generally get quite a discount, cameras are in general pretty rugged, and in those segments, used stuff is generally either sold by people who bought and never used it or people who used it a bit and upgraded for newer cameras.

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