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Multi-Cam Streaming Setup Recommendations

Thavion Hawk

I work at a computer store and my boss wants to setup a streaming station so I can stream new system builds and upgrades to Twitch. I've got a computer built for streaming with a target of 1080p 30fps at 3500mbps Fast preset in OBS Studio. Resolution may have to come down to make the stream work but that's my target. I only have a budget of $100 for two webcams and at least one arm. The cams don't need good audio because I'll be using a headset for audio.


I'm looking at two of these Cheap AF webcams and one of these Cheap AF arms.

Any constructive advice/recommendations?


The PC I have to work with for the stream is nothing special. AMD Phenom II X4 980 Black, 16GB RAM, 250GB HDD for OS and 1TB HDD for Video Capture. There is no GPU, just an old Onboard ATI 3000 with 256MB of system RAM allocated. Its all stuff we had sitting around the store.


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