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Google Chrome Audio keeps muting


Hey guys,


So I've been having this issue since yesterday and I have no ideo what to do now.


So whenever I open chrome and go onto a site such as YouTube to watch a video it will play just fine. I can rewind and forward the video as much as I wasnt with no issue but if I pause it, mute it or switch to another video or another source of audio e.g. switching to a Twitch stream. The audio muts and won't come back unless I close and open all of my tabs again. I'm pretty sure its Chrome that's the issue because when the audio cuts out I can still here audio from any other program I have open.


I've tested this uysing microsoft edge and I don't get the same issue.

Ive tried restoring default settings and reinstalling chome.


Any other ideas?

PC SPECS: i7 - 3820, 32GB GSkill DDR3 RAM, 2TB Seagate Hybrid Drive, Intel 240GB SSD, Corsair Spec Omega Case, Strix GTX 1060 6GB, Corsair H150i Pro RGB, Corsair CX850M PSU

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