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Two or more NVR on Hikvision ivms 4200


so i'm running into a wall since there is not a lot of forums/info that i can find when it comes to hikvision ivms 4200 compatibility with other stuff

what iv figured out is that this software wont work with 3rd party cameras, not a big deal, but it might also not work with 3rd party NVR
problem is that hikvision 32 channel NVR is super expensive, and i was was wondering if i could add 2 16 channel NVR's and add both of them to software so i could see stream of 32 cameras
basicly 2 computers screens occupied by 4x4 camera feeds

anyone has done this ? any expirience with ivms 4200 would also be appreceated

i just saw this video , and well it says it can be done with diffrent NVR's/DVR's its not specifying if its hikvisions nvrs/dvrs so 3rd party comapilty is iffy it seems


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