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Mounting Pump/Res Combo

Go to solution Solved by xXCapAwesomeXx,

@Neo-revo Need to mount a combo unit, I knew that Phanteks has the pump mount and the res mount, just no pump res combo mount. I am just gonna end up drilling some holes in the case.

3 hours ago, xXCapAwesomeXx said:

What is the best way to go about mounting a Pump/Res combo in the Phanteks Evolv X. I have seen multiple brackets and such but was wondering if there was any way that I could do it without those or if I had to buy a bracket.

Depends on how you want it mounted, most situations require brackets to facilitate the components. It's not uncommon to drill and mount into the motherboard tray. 

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if you dont want it mounted on their bracket in that spot you can substitute basically any where you want along as you follow manufacture instructions

on or off any bracket that fits your pump/mounting location or as W-L stated you can make your own holes too if needed

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