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Multi User Steam Library?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Is it possible to host a drive on the network where multiple users can access the same steam drive?


Example: I have my server hosting a steam library and I'm having a LAN party and everyone want's to play PUBG, is it possible for my steam drive to host the game files to everyone or does each person need their own set of files?

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Family sharing, but everyone will be using the same pubg acc.

they need to each download it and have their own accounts.

Hello! Feel free to PM me anything. Here's my stuff below!

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So linus talked about using a caching server for his gaming LAN centre in this video (4:30), unfortunately I don't have any idea how it works or how to do it.



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A caching server is a good way to go about this, probably the only way to go about it really. 


As far as I know, you can't use the same files hosted on a server to serve the game to multiple client PCs. So you would still need to download the game onto each PC in the LAN party.


The caching server can take some of the strain off your internet connection, so you would need to have a dedicated machine that would act as a cache.


Basically you would download PUBG on your computer and the server would save the files as they came from Steam. Then in theory, anyone else that needs to download the game on your network would pull the files from your server rather than the steam servers. With the correct setup you can get some stupid speeds from the cache server.


But a word of warning, I tried to do this with a Virtual machine, and you actually needed to dedicate a large amount of resources to the caching server in order to get really fast download speeds. 



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