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    x570 Aorus Ultra
  • RAM
    32g Corsair 3600
  • GPU
    EVGA 2080super XC
  • Case
    Fractal Design Vector
  • Storage
    512g 970 evo 8x4tb raid
  • PSU
    Seasonic Focus Gold 850w
  • Display(s)
    LG 34GN850-B 3440x1440 144hz + AOC 35" 3440x1440p100hz + Acer27" 1440p144hz
  • Cooling
    Dark Rock Pro 4 w/3 fans
  • Keyboard
    HyperX aloy fps pro + Razer Blackwidow TE Chroma
  • Mouse
    coolermaster mm710
  • Sound
    DX7 + HE400i; A-100 + DT880 600ohm; Little Bear P7 & Little Dot MKII + 6xx; RB-42 + Crown xl1500i
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    Acer Nitro Black 17"
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    S7 edge

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  1. Do these card's thermal throttle or is there a max that the temps can read? My cooling ability is severely diminished in the current 100 degree F ambient temp but I haven't seen over 110c for vram. Just curious if anyone knows if the system has a throttling capability for vram or the reading's are just maxing out. I will watch temps and graph's to know for myself, just wanted to see if anyone knows for sure.
  2. Yeah....... what exactly was the wrong choice you made? It wasn't clear........ was it the previous setup? Gawd am I that neurotic viewer now? *edit: I just realized you changed the title, nvm
  3. My point is that my current reported and average hashrate is not consistent. My miner hashrate reads dead on balls constant. What is the discrepancy?
  4. ok...... So I'm not a mac guy, haven't owned a single apple product..... And I've had a little to drink...... But wtf is luna? I watched the entire video and it was never explained so far as I understood. Is it a little dongle that........ does what? I get that it's a connection for screen extending... between two systems buuuuut....... that's about it. I might have missed something early on but still don't know what exactly the product is. This might be a mentality difference between mac and pc users, but I want to know more technical details. *yeah I just tried t
  5. Not sure how often this gets asked, but why does my miner report a constant hashrate but the pool reports a drastically variable hashrate? It's on a computer that isn't used at all, just remoted into every now and then. My assumption is it depends on the shares you get vs shares that are partial? I know F@H has a points system so some are worth more than others but isn't a share just a share on a pool? I'm running kapow right now but it doesn't matter what coin I use or what miner I use. Just looking for some insight.
  6. Yeah that all makes sense. This reminds me of my life a little less than two decades ago when I was in tune with my system and could push the clocks because I knew my system that well. These day's I don't want to put that much effort into it and even if I did, from the sound of it, you spent all of your "resources" getting that method down so what was the gain in learning that system? What is most disheartening to me is that I will have to replot everything once pools come out. I came into the game far to late and put to little on the table to gain any coins. I'm not TOO bent out of shape
  7. FFS: I swear that I can waste at least half a day if not an entire day of plotting on my main machine because the queue system is broken. I've had so many instances of my temp drive filling and cancelling EVERY plot under way that I'm pretty fed up. That or my machine just crashes. I doubt I'll ever get the money back from buying the gen 4 pcie nvme drive before it's toast but hopefully the introduction of pools will help. The difficulty is going up exponentially and my rate is far behind the curve to keep up. AND, even people with massive builds are being let down in spades.
  8. It's not worth investing in new hardware at all, a couple weeks ago it was at an exobite or two, now it's like 14, all calculations are based off having a farm fully equipped and doesn't consider the large amount of time to develop those farms. If you have hardware sitting around that's fine, but it is entirely based off the speed and size of your temporary drive. CPU and RAM are only taxed on occassion when compared to drive speed and size. The blockchain program is rather buggy and easy to crash/glitch. If for any reason you close the chia program or restart your co
  9. Nicehash is just a middle man in the grand scheme of things. You rent your hardware for payment in btc and you transfer your btc out of nicehash into another exchange or wallet. I would suggest finding an exchange that supports selling btc for fiat currency. That or find another crypto that can be sold in your nation for fiat currency and exchange it for that. There are SO many fee's in moving crypto that I doubt it is profitable for you given a difficult selling market. I would move exchange and sell what you have and calculate the payoff before continuing to mine
  10. I find solace in the fact that all of my tech is now working for my benefit. Until recently I have had several machines going unused and even my servers have been decommissioned. All of this tech that has consumed my focus over the years is finally proving useful. That's why I don't feel bad about buying an alienware prebuilt and putting it to work on eth or cranking on all of my gaming PC's 24/7. I'm not the problem, I'm a byproduct of tech advancing. Yes I have purchased a prebuilt solely for the gpu and I plan on buying a 2tb nvme tomorrow for chia, but I'm not part of the problem. TH
  11. I'm just now looking into chia but I think you've missed a crucial point in the process. Plotting is done on a fast ssd and storing is done on hdd's. The plotting is cpu intensive but the storage is done on minimal specs. I honestly know little about this subject and am trying to learn more, but that much I have figured out. It is indeed a moving target but cpu + ram + fast ssd + high capacity warm storage seams to be what it's all about. Luckily enough in my tech hording nature I have a handful of gaming PC's and servers just laying around, each gaming PC is cranking on it's gpu but I ha
  12. So dac's and amp's are not the same thing. A dac simply translates digital to analogue at a line level, no chance of powering a headphone. Even phones have dac/amp's built into them, never just a dac. So I'd say that you are looking for a budget dac/amp. I will say that several month's ago the main dac provider had their factory burn down so I'd imagine that by now there is a sharp increase in prices of anything with a dac built in. I'm a little unclear as to what headphones you have, you said that you have a Bluetooth version so do you have two of the same headphone but one is wireless a
  13. This headphone stand is the first useable one for my daily can's that I have found. I haven't tried very hard, just a head shaped wooden one that deformed my pads and under desk hangers. I have found that the under desk hangers aren't readily accessible for putting my headphones down when I run to the kitchen or take a bio. Rather I'm more likely to set them to the side ontop of an open drawer. This time around I'm actually enjoying the act of unclamping my headphones and re-clamping them off to the side on top of my desk. Just a simple foamish brick but it fit's my needs. Now I just nee
  14. So.......... Building a PC for a new person is hard enough. And building a niche PC is hard enough for a veteran builder. Things like SFF and custom water cooling (not that this is your plan) make things very difficult often times resulting in buying the same equipment more than once because it didn't fit into the narrow parameters of your system. What I mean is I have been building custom/diy computers since 2004 and when I tried to do a custom hard lined computer I ended up building two completely different computers before I was done. Granted I knew nothing about t
  15. I just posted a status update about this, so mods please and thank you for locking this down. But does anyone else have habits that carry over from old or new school extreme daily overclocking to today? Or if you're still clocking to high noon, what are some of your "quirks and features" to daily use? The one and only thing that has stuck around from my single core 4 pixel pipeline 30% benchable daily driver is the ctrl-a ctrl-c every time I write a long post in a forum. Far far to often my browser would crash when I hit submit and all of the enthusiasm would go with