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PSU pinouts are they exchangable?

It doesnt matter which 12v source goes to which 12v input, as long as they are both 12v

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This has probably been asked before, and I apologize for such a dumb question. In the process of custom sleeving cables, I was wondering if the pinouts of the PSUs are specific to the extent that specific 12V pins need to be paired up with a specific 12V pin on the otherwide..


In the case of the RM750X EPS cable, the 4 pins furthers away from the clip on the PSU are all 12V cables, and the 4 closest to the clip are grounds.


The Motherboard side expects the 4 pins closest to the clip to be 12V and the 4 pins away from the clip to be ground. Can any 12V pin connect to the the PSU side? Or is there some cosmic significance that pin 1 (12V) PSU side, goes to pin 5 (12 V) mobo side, and pin 2 (also 12V) goes to pin 6 of the motherboard (and so on).


Hope that makes sense, I can put pictures if it is unclear.

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It doesnt matter which 12v source goes to which 12v input, as long as they are both 12v

Meant to be silent, though not quite.

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So a bit more googling seems to have netted me the answer (and Jurrunio just got it a second earlier). Basically this diagram depicts what I was wondering to be possible (source in link). And the answer seems to be "doesn't matter since the 12V is all on a single rail for the RM750X"


Need to read up more about multi-rail PSUs in case I encounter one in the future.....







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Yea it's possible.

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