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Where can I look for laptop deals on Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

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I skipped out buying a laptop for my birthday a few days ago after mulling at the possibility that later this month I might be able to get a good deal for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


In this instance I'm looking for something with minimal gaming GPU performance, but something that can reach higher CPU clocks for the specific games I play which benefit from 4 very fast cores, but not as demanding graphics.




HQ CPU for higher clockspeeds

MX 150 GPU




Budget: IDK yet. I haven't tried shopping in this specs range so IDK what people expect to pay for this kind of hardware.~700 USD would be nice, but I fear anything that's not crap would cost closer to a grand. But that leads me to why I'm looking for black Friday/cyber Monday deals. But where should I look? Amazon, Newegg? Actual Laptop vendor websites ie. Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sager, Acer, Samsung etc.? This is a departure to my previous shopping strategy which was used stuff for under 500USD.

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Google "black friday 2017" and a bunch of sites will come up that are compilations of stores ads.


Most even let you search or sort by category and such.

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Everywhere! Basically...

Yes i know it's not helpful but deals can pop-up everywhere so it's important to look basically everywhere.

Just make sure you can quickly search on the websites you want to buy from so you can quickly go through them.

If you want my attention, quote meh! D: or just stick an @samcool55 in your post :3

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