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    Going sideways since 86

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    i5 4690K @ 4.2Ghz
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    MSI Z97 PC Mate
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    4x4GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer
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    Powercolor Red Devil RX 480 8GB
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    Antec 1200
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    128GB 840 Evo and 5TB of hdd drives
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    Ocz ModXStream 700w
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    Corsair H100i
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    Razer Blackwidow with MX Blue
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    Logitech MX Performance
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    Windows 7 Professional x64

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  1. What I still don't understand about all this is, why did they launch it in such a bad state? There was no need to rush it, they had te resources to do it properly but for some reason they didn't. I really don't understand. They could easily wait with announcing anything, properly develop it and launch it once it was actually finshed, but they didn't. Only good thing about this is that google lost a lot of money and cloud gaming got a big slap in the face.
  2. Just give them a call or a mail. I had a similiar issue with an old HP laptop (I actually added a biometric lock and because it was annoying I wanted it gone, but couldn't). Send them a mail, few hours later i got a file that i whacked on a USB drive and poof, lock gone.
  3. If pricing is alright, this might become the alternative for tape backups for small businesses or home users with a lot of data.
  4. While the performance jump is massive, it's still a big price tag. Budget gamers are used to pricing around the 200 mark, 300 is a bit of a stretch. My guess is the card just below the 3060 is the one budget gamers will actually go after. Price/performance will at least be similar, maybe even better, but the lower price tag could make a big difference. Not that it matters because you can't get them... Also, fuck you nvidia for making mining focused cards.
  5. My single 2400Mhz CL16 ram stick is running fine with my 3600Mhz CL19 sticks (2 of them). It does only run at 3200Mhz and CL20 which isn't perfect, but can't complain about that 2400Mhz stick! I basically loaded the DOCP of the 3600Mhz stick, turned it down to 3200Mhz and 0 issues so far...
  6. Welp, that's not good. I really hope some crazy chinese guys figure out how to extract the GPU, whack them on another PCB and sell them as a geforce card. Second-hand of course. I mean they are prepared to do this with mobile intel cpu's and old X99 chipsets. There are guys out there that know how to do it. Now we can only hope that they do the same with graphics cards. The GPU's used are very likely more worth than your average X99/intel cpu so the market is there. But then again I won't be surprised if Nvidia somehow thought of that and blocks it, somehow...
  7. His son really looks like Linus:Dennis edition
  8. As long as you used XP, it wasn't THAT bad. Windows 7 was a bad idea... Yes I've recently used it. I have an aspire one sitting next to me with Lubuntu, Windows 7 and XP. Still play games on it It's an interesting time capsule.
  9. It doesn't happen often that a new product (it's more a combination of 2 products but still) doesn't feel like a gimmick. It does a lot of things and while you probably won't use all of them, you WILL very likely use some of them. I can see this being an ideal 2nd monitor for your computer setup.
  10. Tbh it would be more of a surprise if intel didn't do this. Oh well, Intel will be Intel I guess. I don't expect anything different until guys like GN or HUB will tell us that they released a CPU that's actually a decent improvement.
  11. Well I'm a bit confused why you mention the 5700XT but apart from that. It IS out of spec, if your VRAM severely downclocks due to thermals (which DOES happen when you stress the VRAM) you are clearly running it out of spec. Which is imo unacceptable. It doesn't matter at this point what the actual temperatures are, the fact it downclocks is a clear sign it's right at the edge and you should do something to avoid premature death. But because they are basically behaving like this right out of the box, there's not much you can do about it, apart from buying one that has a good e
  12. So, they run out of spec from the factory. That's just asking for premature VRAM deaths.
  13. Usually fans come with a 5-10% margin. So it's quite possible your old fans were faster than advertised and these ones are slower than advertised, but still within spec. edit: see this as an example: https://noctua.at/en/products/fan/nf-a12x25-pwm Noctua fans are known to be very damn good, but they still have that 10% margin when it comes to fan rpm.