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  1. I am mainly salty about the fact my r5 1600 will be useless. i know I still have 4 years to go but even then I REALLY doubt if it won't be enough for some daily use. If you just wanna browse the web, watch youtube video's and other basic stuff, a 6-core is probably still more than enough in 4 years. But nope, I will either have to sneak my way around the minefield or go linux.. Also, why is that TPM suddenly so important? It goes completely to waste on home systems right now anyway because there's no use for it, so it makes sense nobody cared about them on the consum
  2. To keep it simple, bad sectors are like rust spots on a car. But you can't repair them. Only solution is to replace the drive. Back-up everything ASAP (it might even be too late for the data that lives on those bad sectors) and replace it.
  3. The thing that annoys me is that specifically for the average user that use Home editions, they went from "F-you no bitlocker for you bro!" to "You HAVE to have bitlocker, F-you if you don't want it!" Yes, Bitlocker is NOT a feature in windows 10 home: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-security/windows-10-home-with-bitlocker/2a4ecf28-20c7-499e-ba9e-cf3f00b3f7df It has existed for YEARS but Vista and 7 only had it in their Ultimate or Enterprise editions, anything lower just didn't have bitlocker. W7 pro just didn't have it: https://docs.m
  4. As long as that PSU is actually decent, yeah it's great. It's a very good combo. What model is the PSU?
  5. This isn't limited to Levovo ones either. I have an MSI Alpha 15, 3750H and a 5500M, has similar power plans and even a custom one that allows you to switch performance levels between "high" "medium" and "low". This is in their MSI Dragon Center tool. Also allows for a custom fan curve which is great. I don't know the difference between "medium" and "high" (in my quick testing i didn't notice any difference) but on "low" the dGPU NEVER kicks in, it's basically permanently disabled. CPU clockspeeds also get kicked down to around 2.5-3Ghz instead of the usual 3.5-3.7Ghz. This even ha
  6. What I did is have a NAS in my home and a secondary nas at my parents home. The local NAS has all my data and everything I need. The NAS at my parents home have the most important things (stuff like pictures, important documents, stuff like that) in case my NAS is somehow beyond recovery (virus, house burned down, anything). So if you have friends or family with a decent internet plan and don't mind a small device in their house doing, stuff. It's a great option i highly recommend. I managed to convince my parents by allowing them to put music and their own back-ups from
  7. Is it just me or has legit nobody asked for most of the features that are new? centralized taskbar? Locked to the bottom? "tablet" stuff? The first impression I got from the new layout was confusion. I am really afraid what the average person is going to do when they see this. Wouldn't be surprised if "I don't like this, I want the old thing back" would be the first reaction of many.
  8. Well, do you HAVE a tpm? If you don't have one, you can't really turn it on... What system is it?
  9. For the people asking for an age restricted video, there is one in the important video playlist: I'm surprised people only started noticing it now because it has been a thing for months. And it's not like youtube had no censorship before. Stuff like "X is not available in your country" has been a thing for basically ever and only with a VPN you notice how much stuff gets censored just with that alone. And with all the elsagate crap that SOMEHOW still isn't solved (it's better but it's still an issue) you just know that youtube is really not a great platform. But
  10. I've had good results with crucial SSD's. Usually a bit cheaper, specs aren't as good but for the average person it's plenty.
  11. Pro people don't buy them, very true. Also not exactly the market Kingston focuses on. The market is actually the average person that just wants a microSD for their car or phone to get some more storage. People that usually don't look further than what's on the box and probably don't even know what GB means. That's the kind of person that buys kingston cards.
  12. I thought this was widely known, more specifically from Kingston? They have been doing this to SD and microSD cards back when 64GB cards were quite high-end If you have an old microSD kingston card laying around, do some benchmarks and check if it matches the class that's printed on it. It will likely not meet the specs. They still do this today btw. But nobody cares these days I guess. Source is dutch but benchmarks speak for themselves: https://be.hardware.info/artikel/4527/8/49-sd--en-microsd-kaartjes-review-alle-kaarten-op-tafel-testresultaten-1000x-
  13. I was wondering why it's so stupidly expensive. Then I realised it's probably because of the massive marketing budget someone approved... This should have never been a video on LTT, this would have been perfect for shortciruit but what do i know...
  14. Won't this just amplify how NOT happy they are when they aren't smiling? Just imagine, you are sitting in a meeting room, waiting for people to join, group of people is at the door and they all smile 1 by 1 to enter the room to then go back to sadface once they are in. People are very good at noticing subtle expression changes. Forced smiles WILL be noticed. But hey i'm not the person that somehow thought this was a good idea in the first place...
  15. Congratulations LMG, you actually did it. You madlads. For the people wondering where this came from. April fools! I can't post the original video because it either needs an age verification or it's just gone. But you can find the goods if you know where to look
  16. Yes it CAN take that long. It all depends on what kind of encryption they used. Stuff like AES-256, good luck getting like 10k tries per second. MD5 can easily hit 1M tries even on older hardware.
  17. Oh yea has happened before. He knows that. Madison even said that to him straight up her teacher did that
  18. Dear rx480 of mine. don't die or i'm screwd. If even Nvidia goes like, it's all inflated so we gonna straight up ask stupid prices you know it's going to take years to change that. Like, they aren't hiding it anymore or lying about it. It seems like they accepted reality and went "this is how it is, we know" without any fake optimism or anything like that which they have done in the past.
  19. December 2019, that's when i switched from Intel to AMD so clean install was a very good idea. Probably would have worked anyway but still, clean install was to be on the safe side
  20. You don't HAVE to go wireless. That's up to personal preference. And yes BT call quality, not that good. Even with BT 5.0 these days being a MASSIVE improvement compared to 4.0, it's still ass. But you can get one that does both. The one I have can be used with a normal USB cable which turns it into a normal wired headset. Great for calls + music. But if I only want to listen to music and walk around the house, switch to BT and off you go. I have to say if you only listen to music, BT 5.0 and a good headset is really not that bad.
  21. Unless you want like RGB look-at-me gaming whatever. Buy one for the commercial market. I use a jabra evolve2 65, absolutely NOT for gamers but for meetings and calls all day long. And it's great! I honestly would never go back to gamer headsets.
  22. What happens if you only use the second monitor? Just as a test.
  23. 4k 120, even for a gaming display that's some steep requirements. If you use it for mainly video editing, drop the 120hz. If you don't want local dimming stuff, you should probably go for OLED or QLED panels and i don't even want to look at the prices for them... And I think QLED still uses local dimming, maybe? What graphics card are you using?
  24. The run are 17-30 seconds. Doesn't that mean it can do the whole benchmark while being in the turbo timeslot where it won't stay during actual gaming? I'm gonna wait until guys like GN review these things because something seems off...