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Cannot reinstall windows on Asus K55V

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my brother totally screwed his laptop Asus K55V - when it got into my hands after turning it on, it just said wrong password and froze. I took out the HDD and formatted it. Now when I try to install fresh Windows 10 copy it loads from USB and there is first window where you choose country, keyboard language and time zone. Then it starts preparing for installation and just resets. Windows 7 has similar story but it restarts even before country selection. It just loads some files from DVD during black screen then the green-blue screen with preparing for installation and reset. Windows 7 keeps doing this until hard switch off. I tried changing HDD and RAM but without success. I also had to do change couple of things in BIOS just to make it start booting from external device. It has UEFI so I had to turn off secure boot and CSM mode on. I also switched off fast boot. After these three steps I was able to switch boot order. Also the laptop was originally installed with Windows 8 but I do not own any copy of it. After formatting just C partition windows tried to restore itself but it failed. I have already cleared all partitions on the original HDD so now it is clean. I have no idea if there is any way to make it run. Maybe some BIOS update might help? I am open to all suggestions.

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