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Keystone Nyan Cat

HELP: My farts smell rancid :'(

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Posted · Original PosterOP
39 minutes ago, VerticalDiscussions said:

Well, at least it never got to the point of "explosive diarrhea".

Spoke a little too soon I'm afraid... Yep- got the motions as of a few days back :P 

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You ever notice that many establishments have a sign that as "No Shirt, No Shoes, No service"? They never say anything about pants............ You know what that implies. You dont have to wear pants. 

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On 7/18/2017 at 10:34 PM, Keystone Nyan Cat said:

So since about 2 months, I've moved from the United States to India- and I've noticed my farts have taken a turn to the worst. I'm not sure if it's my diet, as my stomach and body are acting fine, but my farts... Let me describe them in words my younger brother put it-

I'm not joking- when I smell my own farts, I feel like vomiting all over the place. They smell horrible- rancid- destructive. Anybody else having a similar issue and have resolved it? I don't want to be abducted and used as a CIA torture device :(

I am suprised this thread of yours did not get deleted. I posted a similar one, and it was even in Status Update that got deleted. I didnt really care either way.


Your farts have taken a turn for the worst because of the food you are eating. A lot of curry and spice no doubt. I think if I were to go any further then that, it may be mis-interpreted as being racist, when its not really. Because its reality, its whats really happening, but people are so sensitive these days.

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