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    Mumbai, India
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    I got started into the tech world after a debate between choosing a XBOX or a PC. Deciding to go with better graphics and cheaper games, I found myself understanding all there is to computers for around 6 months before actually buying and assembling my own computer.

    I currently play Battlefield 3 as well as some GTA. I generally like first person shooters, sandbox games, as well as puzzle games..


  • CPU
    Ryzen 7
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    ASRock Fatal1ty AB350
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    EVGA GTX 1080 Founders Edition
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    Node 202
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    Seagate 2TB HDD
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    Corsair SF450
  • Display(s)
    Dell P2715Q
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    CoolerMaster Masterkeys M
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. The EVE monitor wasn't linked in the description- is that intentional?
  2. Title pretty much, it was supposed to begin 1.5 hours back. Did it get cancelled?
  3. That ASUS monitor is really expensive. I understand it's new, is 240hz, and probably has a USB-C hub + killer portable battery, but they also sell the M169B+ at a third of the price that is completely powered by USB so doesn't need to charge, is also 1080p, and is an IPS screen. That tripling on price seems a bit too much.
  4. 10:25- You can click this video right here. I'm rather certain YouTube disabled that; there's no video overlay for me to click on.
  5. I think I'm developing RSI symptoms so and remembered LTT put out a video addressing it; I checked the computer ergonomics video which referenced this, but when I clicked on it, the RSI video was private. Anyone know what is up? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYV0PsUvMjk Edit- Computer Ergonomics video linking the RSI one (check the description for a link):
  6. Update: I had to speak to them for over 50 minutes, including getting escalated to a manager, but I got a replacement approved! That said, my experience is more than likely an exception rather than the norm- and I'd imagine a large number of people would either pay up for that premium support, or simply buy a new router. Most non-technical people who do not have access to another router/ know how to troubleshoot their networking gear, or even ask about escalating for a manager/ supervisor would have a completely different experience
  7. Netgear wanted to charge me $89 for 6 months of phone support. I'd rather not have to pay money to try and troubleshoot a router that's still under warranty to submit an RMA, so much appreciated, thanks! https://www.netgear.com/mynetgear/Gearhead/subscribe.aspx?_ga=2.138191984.196221382.1593220976-1517280035.1592942983 Edit- As soon as you file an RMA online, you're told to contact phone support within 48 hours or your case will be closed. I called them, and after checking the blinking lights- they told me it seemed ok and cannot authorize an RMA. If I needed further tr
  8. Super old; but I bought a Netgear Nighthawk R7000P after watching this; and Netgear's customer service has been borderline predatory. I've had this router with me for 10 months or so now; and over the past week, it's been kicking all my devices off the network at the same time every 20-30 minutes or so (running behind a UPS, so bad electricity is not a problem). With work at home in effect, and most of my work involving analyzing data from my company's databases, this has been a frustuating problem to deal with. After reseting the router and trying va
  9. So this affects even actual Ridge wallets? That's dissapointing
  10. I've been using an ridgelike wallet from alternative brand for a better part of 9 months now, and usually throw my wallet and keys in the same pocket, where they may contact eachother over the course of a day as I used to move between classes at University. As a result of that, the surface and metal clasp are quite scratched up. I was curious on how people with alternate brands like me, or those with wallets from Ridge are holding up after months of use?
  11. Not sure on that- I know that they have raided PlantyTime a few times- alongside GN /Jayz2Cents during ripgn, but I can't seem to recall any other instances.
  12. If you are wondering what happens when the WAN show raids someone, and how that channel is impacted long term, I wrote an article discussing just that! https://blog.gamesight.io/analyzing-twitch-raid-impact-on-viewership/ The key takeaway is while most raids may not change a channel's momentum, the LTT raid quite the positive impact on PlantyTime's momentum. Her ACV went from ~5 to ~60 after the raid, which is actually high enough to quality joining the Twitch Partner program. I work as a data engineer for a videogame marketing analytics startup in Seattle.
  13. I just purchased a brand new external HDD (WD_Black D10) and am in the midst of running H2testw which fills the drive with data and checks whether what was written was correct (traditionally used for checking counterfeit SD cards). However- I bought the drive directly from WD- so doubt the storage is being misreported, but am running it anyways to test whether the drive has any problems holding data (assumption is if there as an issue with the drive- what's written may be messed up). My question is- is this line of thinking incorrect, and am I better off using an error scan from HDTune? If not
  14. Does iFixit offer student discounts? My friend owns the essentials toolkit and swears by you them; he helped me repair my Macbook last week, saving me quite some money, and I wanted to apply that towards getting him a gift for his upcoming birthday next week. I wanted to upgrade his toolkit to the Manta Kit and get him some swag alongside it (t-shirts, pins, posters). I was wondering whether I would be eligible for a student discounts/promos to that I can apply towards that end? I tried the LTT link, but I think the discounts associated with it are long gone I emailed iFixit about this, and t
  15. As someone who has just moved into his own apartment and has set up their own gaming station, I guess all I want to say is good job on the cabling. Between my lighting, speakers, VR headset, networking, and printers, I have over 40 cables to route, and while my desk itself is clean, the space where my computer + peripherals live is probably going to leave many of you gasping. I had initially planned to go for the Ikea desk, but realistically, I didn't have the space (my apartment is laid out really weirdly- so if I didn't place a desk in this corner, it would just be a weird cutout