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Decent Sub 50 dollar ATX Case with Side window

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3 minutes ago, potatoproduction said:


I'm looking for a sub 50$ ATX Case with a side window for my new build ( http://pcpartpicker.com/p/NGhMP6 ) and I was wondering if you guys have any good options . The best thing i could find is this.

Thank you for your help

the Deepcool Tesseract is what I was gonna recommend. It's honestly a pretty amazing case for the price. I would actually get the HAF 912, but it doesn't have USB 3.0. You could spend a little more and get the Corsair 200R or 300R or NZXT S340.


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I recommend the s340. Long term you'll thank yourself for not buying a cheap case. It has good dust filters, good airflow (2 decent quality fans) and good construction.


I've always said the S340 is as much case as you need at any price point and I think its true. Short of some cases arguably having better styling there really is not significant benefit to spending more than the s340, but any sub s340 case usually has major compromises. 

Any case below the s340 won't likely have a fully filtered design and will only come with 1 fan.

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