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  1. How are these things the promise of whats to come? An iPad is a cut down computer, that is easy to use for the masses. I get that, I wouldn't choose one over a laptop, but I understand why some people would. A laptop, Macbook, etc is a fully featured portable computer with a proper clamshell design and keyboard. I don't get what the point of mixing these two concepts are. If you want more than an iPad, you get a computer.
  2. Thats two videos in a row that are effectively advertisements. I don't mind the sponsor spots, but I don't think there should be weekly 'showcase' sponsored videos. Of course, I have no idea of the financials required to run what is now a fairly large organisation.
  3. Indeed, also LAPTOP COMPUTERS exist. And you can buy second hand one for next to no money.
  4. Video and microphone directly in the living areas, just what we need. The only company I'd somewhat trust with this is Apple. Their dedication to privacy is compelling.
  5. I feel his point about the phone being a daily companion is why so many people just won't change phones. I use iphones, often when a new one comes out I'm not blown away, but they consistently do what you want them to do so you buy another when you need an upgrade. Most people care more about that consistency over buying for some big new feature that you'll barely use or care about.
  6. That case is really neat. Shame about the price though, I don't see why it can't be $150.
  7. I'm curious why Linus uses an iphone 4 at all? He has endless amounts of phones sent to him on an annual basis, I don't get it.
  8. The length of these are just getting absurd. They're fun to watch, but we don't need 5 hours per scrapyard wars!
  9. I'm surprised by this. Also, lets be real, air coolers have a non mentioned benefit here. They don't leak. If that is a real benefit or just a perceived mental one is another thing, but I was always under the impression high end air coolers lagged behind high end AIO water coolers, so this has been really informative.
  10. Also I know most of these product showcases are basically just commercials, but this really felt like a Dell commercial.
  11. I still think the best laptop to buy on a budget is a used Macbook of some variety. they have fantastic build quality and last forever, realistically a Core 2 Duo processor is going to be no worse than that $200 Dell for day to day use, and you can pick an older MacBook Pro 13 inch up for that kind of money.
  12. Nice to see an AMD Dell after all the Intel scandals they went through.
  13. I mean, spend what you like or whatever, but to me producing amazing video on semi consumer grade equipment would be more interesting. I can't ever afford to buy one of these cameras (or justify the cost of a small apartment on one anyway) so learning about it is kind of irrelevant but it would be interesting to know how you got such amazing shots on a $2,000 consumer grade piece of equipment.
  14. It was mostly you shouldn't have to remove the HDD cage and screw them in from the rear. The fan is meant to be screwed in from the front at least what I can tell it is.