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[UPDATED WITH EVERYTHING WE KNOW] AMD hosting AMA on Reddit Today (March 3rd)

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2 hours ago, shawno said:

Best comment was asking about the names of his guinea pigs names or imagining him playing rocket league in his boxer shorts. 



Other than that a snore fest. Hyped up with a massive letdown. Typical amd.

Not sure what people were expecting. They straight up said before it started that there would be a LOT of stuff they couldn't give specifics on.

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* Crucial M4 128GB SSD (Primary) * Hitachi 500GB HDD (Secondary) *

* Gigabyte HD 7950 WF3 * SATA Blu-Ray Writer * Logitech g710+ * Windows 10 Pro x64 *


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5 minutes ago, Watermelon Guy said:

Wow, such a fresh and zesty meme. Good job. Here is a trump. 



I thumbed up your post, but I did it to thumb up the part of your post where you quoted my post. I would have just thumbed up my own post, for it's fresh and zesty hilarity, but the forum software wouldn't allow me to do that.


Man, I really hope Polaris can run Crysis. It's a great game.



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Robert just said that it will support 60FPS, 4K, 10bit H.264 and HEVC encoding and decoding on the GPU. If that is true then that will be glorious, but I am worried that there will be some "hybrid" decoding going on, just like Intel currently does it. It just seems too good to be true.


Then we will need to wait for the software side to catch up... With HDR just around the corner it will hopefully not take too long.

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