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    Tasmania, Australia, The world, space, milkyway, universe...
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    Computer related stuff, youtube, anime trash, I need more hobbies, currently looking into graphics design
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    Hoi, this is Rattacko.
    I'm probably the only person who actually gets decent speeds on the NBN.
    I currently have no idea what to do in my life, I guess I'll just go with the flow until I find a nice fishing village.
    I've grown bored of playing video games.
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    Student (as of 2018)


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    Intel Core i7 5820k
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    Asus X99 Deluxe
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    32GB DDR4
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    Inno3D GTX 1080
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    Phanteks Enthoo Luxe
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    1TB samsung 850 evo (OS), WD velociraptor 1TB, bunch of external hard drives
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    750W EVGA G2
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    Dell P2415Q, ASUS 24 inch 1080p display
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    Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3
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    Ducky One 711 Special Edition
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    Logitech g502
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    FiiO K3 w/ Sennheiser HD6XX headphones and Antlion Modmic USB
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    Windows 10 pro
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    Surface Go 128GB
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  1. The Surface Pro 8 looks fantastic! The addition of thunderbolt 4 and 120Hz makes this the biggest update to the Pro line in many years IMO. 120Hz is better for watching 24Hz films than 60Hz is, and thunderbolt 4 gives people the option to use an eGPU (and, thus, HDMI 2.1) if they need it. The new signature keyboard looks really cool as it has built-in wireless charging for the slim pen 2. As for the pen itself I have mixed opinions about it due to its shape and lacking magnetic attachment to the side, but combined with the new keyboard I think it’s a reasonably compelling upgrade to the ori
  2. I just wanted to post a quick update to the folding at home saga. I decided to skip making the folding at home video. I thought it was too dry and bland, and didn't really add much beyond what LTT and techquickie already mentioned in their videos about folding at home and fighting coronavirus. Maybe I might revisit this topic again in the future - perhaps a "Top 10 Tips for Folding at Home" or something like that?

    So, here are the findings I wanted to mention in the video, and a bit of an update from before: I figured out why my GPU wasn't folding on idle. The problem was, I was using the folding at home screensaver when, instead, I should have been using a regular screen saver. With the folding at home screen saver, the GPU does work initially, but once the computer turns the screen off, folding at home stops working. With a regular screensaver, this does not happen. The folding at home screensaver is buggy, I do not recommend using it.

    Also, if you want to maximise your points, it's probably best just doing a set and forget and just make it run at full only on idle. Running at "light" all the time isn't worthwhile, unless you BOTH use your computer A LOT and ONLY do light tasks on your PC. 

    And that's all of my findings from memory. Maybe there are a few things I didn't mention but I can't be bothered to open my video script and sift through it.

    1. rattacko123


      Check out my channel Rattacko, and my 2nd channel Mousetacko for new upcoming videos 😉 https://www.youtube.com/user/rattacko2nd 

  3. I thought I would do a quick post about optimal recording settings for OBS and the like. I kind of want to make a video about this at some point:
    Basically the most important thing to consider is how readable is your screen recording. Most people will either use a phone (~5 inches), or a tablet/laptop (~13 inches). So you have to consider how much video fidelity you can actually squeeze into a 5 inch screen size. Most people have screens that are around 1080p resolution - and most people probably won't be able to see much more than 720p in terms of detail on such a screen.
    So it seems that a "resolution" of 720p-1080p is about optimal for a screen recording. Of course, you can just scale the video in post but that isn't always easy to do. I would say that your goal for the end video would be a video that is easily readable on a laptop screen and mostly readable on a phone screen - depending on the content that you want to make of course. So, how do you achieve this level of readability? There are 3 methods I have found:
    1. Use a 1080p display. If you use native 1080p resolution the recording sizes will be smaller and it is less likely to have scaling issues. The only negative is that the text won't be as crisp/smooth as in higher resolutions. In my case I have a secondary 1080p display which is the main display that I use for recordings while my primary 4k monitor is used for non-recording purposes. This is the best resolution for doing gaming recordings IMO - although newer games have pretty good display scaling so it's probably not as big of a deal as it once was.

    2. Scale your display so that the approximate fidelity of the screen is around 1080p or lower - if you use a laptop such as a MacBook your display scaling should already be about optimal. If you have a 13" laptop that is actually probably the best platform to record a recording since you probably won't need to adjust scaling settings because the scaling will already be set to an appropriate level. If you use a 4k monitor, you should use 200% scaling or higher. If you use a 5k monitor, you should use 250% scaling, and so on. If you make 4k YouTube videos, this is the option I would recommend.

    3. Edit your video in post, you can manually select elements from your screen recording and resize this as you see fit, but this takes time. The easiest way to get around this is making your screen recording easier to edit by using appropriate screen settings.
    Hopefully this helps. I am not an expert in this stuff and there are probably better settings you can use - find what works for you. But, simply put, if you use a resolution greater than 1080p then using display scaling will likely improve the legibility of your recordings.

  4. Running folding@home all the time (even while working) on 'Light' folding power actually works pretty well. For some reason Folding@home doesn't recognise my graphics card (when I try adding a new slot it doesn't work) and looking at the log I don't see any error codes (or maybe I am blind)? I use Nvidia Studio drivers for my GTX 1080 so maybe that's why.

    1. rattacko123


      Ok now it seems to work just fine. Updating my drivers fixed the issue (still running studio drivers of course). Or maybe it didn't work before because I had the web browser window closed while I was accessing advanced controls. Anyway, shutting down folding@home, updating drivers, restarting folding@home, and running both web browser window + advanced controls fixed it.

    2. rattacko123


      I have a new problem: My GPU doesn't always fold on idle. It's kind of weird, sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't. What I discovered is that if I manually put my computer to sleep, my GPU starts folding. This is because folding@home prevents the computer from sleeping and seems to detect the PC as idle when sleep mode is enabled... Or maybe it doesn't, maybe it just detects when my monitor turns off when I put it to sleep and not the actual action of the computer actually going into sleep mode.


      Seriously how does folding@home detect idle? It's really vague and unclear based on the forum posts I read. And, all those forum posts are 5+ years old anyway so the info is outdated.


      I had it set so that my two monitors turn off and sleep mode activates at the same time - this worked a few times but I noticed that sometimes my GPU wasn't doing anything (I was able to check this by listening to my loud Inno3D GTX 1080 as well as opening MSI Afterburner, which I always keep running in the background, and it detected no activity). It seems like folding@home doesn't do a particularly good job at detecting when my PC is idle or not. Anyway. I changed it so that my computer goes to sleep 5 minutes after my screen turns off (25 minutes screen off followed by 30minutes sleep) - hopefully this fixes it? If not I'm not sure if I can be bothered changing it again.


      Apparently the creators of F@H are making a new more user-friendly version of F@H, hopefully that version solves the issue. At the moment I am using version 7.6.9 along with my (recently upgraded) Windows Version 1909. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a windows problem - I probably need to reinstall windows at some point lol. My current install is bogged down by unnecessary driver software. The next time I install windows I think it would be better to let windows update handle the driver installation rather than installing the drivers manually - hopefully there will be less bloat if I do that.

    3. rattacko123


      I plan to make a video about optimal Folding at home settings and how to maximise points in folding@home sometime during the holidays. I finish my exams in June so hopefully I'll have enough time to make a video then.

  5. That might actually work. 1080p @ 4k is better than 1080p @ 1440p. So, for fullscreen games a 4k monitor is fine. One important thing to note is that you must play your games in fullscreen. Windowed (and windowed borderless) games won't scale very well with a 4k monitor. As for non-games, I have very rarely had any scaling issues with applications (on windows 10). For the few applications that don't scale, text is still readable at 24" (at least, compared to 4k 15" on my dell XPS). I would recommend getting the 4k monitor, it's worth the extra cost IMO and you'd be able to watch LTT videos
  6. I have a 24" 4k monitor with a GTX 1080, and it's pretty great for video editing and light gaming. However, even with a GTX 1080 it's barely able to play modern games at beyond medium settings, so for something like an RX580 you'd definitely want to get something like a 1440p monitor.
  7. There is one manufacturer that I've found: Garmin Garmin was the only e-ink watch I could find, and I happened to find it on some reddit post where some user posted the technical specifications of the pebble time and one of Garmin's models happened to use the same colour e-ink display found on the pebble. EDIT: Amazfit watches with always-on display are another cheaper option that I've found, but I'm not sure if they are comparable to the pebble. Edit 2: Amazfit uses LCD display, so... nope. If you don't mind LCD/OLED, then in terms of software, Samsung's Tizen appears superior to An
  8. Or double sided tape Tape them SSDs somewhere. Or, better yet, zip-tie them.
  9. Never tried samsung watches, I'll have to try one some time
  10. The original pebble watch was pretty great (I have the pebble steel), but then they ruined the software experience (I don't want the main feature of my watch to be the calender feature) and added a bunch of fitness bullsh*t. These days, Garmin does get pretty close but the software isn't quite as good as the original pebble v2.0 software (kinda a pain to read notifications on the garmin and the settings menu is confusing as hell).
  11. Good point, I was considering being more conservative with my purchase, but looking at some benchmarks the GTX 1080 ti blows the GTX 1080 out of the water. This will probably be a long term purchase (3+ years), so I better put the extra $200 that the 1080 ti costs to good use right? Thus, I have made my decision, I will buy the 1080 ti sometime next week assuming the 20% off lasts by then (I looked at some other items using the same offer code and it looks like the sale ends on Thursday next week) EDIT: Turns out I need an SSD, so the 1080 ti is just about out of my bud
  12. So, I found a 1080 ti for $930 AUD (around $700 USD) including shipping using some 20% discount offer code http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Inno3D-GeForce-GTX-1080-Ti-11GB-Gaming-Graphics-Video-Card-Twin-x2-GDDR5-4K-VR/172904758989 I recently got a 4k monitor and my GTX 970 can barely handle it at medium settings, so I'll definitely need to upgrade my graphics card before Christmas. So the question is, should I get it? or should I get a GTX 1080? 1080 ti and 1080 seem to be the two best value options at the moment in Australia considering the current state of the GPU market. Consid
  13. It's marketing for the average consumer. The average consumer wouldn't be able to tell the difference between, say HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 or Displayport 1.2 vs Displayport 1.4. These "4k ready" badges basically just tells whoever is going to buy it that it supports 4k output, of course we computer enthusiasts know what the hardware is capable of without needing some fancy sticker. The R7 260x doesn't support HDMI 2.0, so it actually can't output 4k60 unless you use a displayport monitor. So technically it isn't "4k ready" because it can't be used with 4k TVs, but yes in the loosest possible
  14. Memory bandwidth does make a difference GTX 1060 benefits with memory overclocking with its 128-bit bus No idea about the high end cards, nobody has done any memory overclocking comparisons recently but I would imagine that something like the gtx 1080 would be approaching the limit of its 256-bit memory bus. 16Gbit/s compared 11Gbit/s would have a pretty noticeable difference in performance. AMD cards especially would benefit from better memory speeds due to their poor colour compression.
  15. At ultra, yes the 1080 ti isn't powerful enough, but if you play older games or play on medium/high settings then the 1080 ti can handle 4k60fps easily with its 11GB of VRAM. I have a 4k monitor and my GTX 970 just isn't powerful enough, but it still is possible to play older games. A GTX 1080 would probably be more than good enough for 4k medium settings in recent titles. 16Gbit/s RAM would be great. Currently Nvidia cards with 11Gbit/s are destroying AMD's HBM2 implementation, with 16Gbit/s Nvidia cards AMD would be having a hard time even if HBM3 came out.