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Why are movies filmed at 24 fps?

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I think there are several reasons for this-

1. it used to be shot in 24fps so they stuck with it

2. storage sizes increase dramatically- shooting at 48fps will double the size of the medium, 60fps would be 2.5x the size.

3. (my opinion) 60 fps seems much too slow for videos of humans and action scenes. I always get the feeling that people are moving in slow motion when it's shot at 60 fps and feel like it would look better at an even higher framerate. 

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Go watch a 60fps youtube video of a motovlogger and tell me you don't feel sick after watching it.


I just watched some, I certainly don't feel sick. I get why people find it jarring though.

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I think the question "why are movies still filmed at 24fps" is more relevant.

To be fair, the familiarity of 24fps with film makers outways any of it's downfalls over higher frame rates. The use of motion blur looks really nice, and the film-esque feel has a really nice atmosphere in the cinema, which many directors want to reproduce. Sure, 60 is necessary for things where you can sense time between input and output, but on film I prefer 24. The Hobbit looked pretty awful to me, even ignoring the actual colouring, grading, and production design.


Edit: I saw your other post, which I agree with:


 Just curious, what have you watched at 48fps? The Hobbit or something on TV?


Just for the record, I absolutely detest all "motion interpolation" effects on TVs, they all look like shit, they all produce fake looking movement (the soap opera effect). It sucks. A lot. People complained that the hobbit @ 48fps gave that same effect. Unfortunately I hate 3d so only watched it at 24fps, so can't make a call on that.


I have heard that the "cinematic feel" isn't necessarily lost at higher fps though, I think we just need a better showcase for 48fps or 60fps. And certainly please, no more crappy 3d.


"The unexamined life is not worth living" - Apology 38a, Socrates


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Go watch a 60fps youtube video of a motovlogger and tell me you don't feel sick after watching it.



I just saw one and it was fine, the issue is more about the camera bouncing around than 60fps though.  And that is not an issue with cinema shot at 60fps.




Honestly, I am beginning to despise both the opinion, and the people that hold the opinion that 48fps looks awful.  Because the more people that scream that view the less likely we will see a transition to hfr.  I like seeing more fluid motion.  I LIKE not having the video look like a blurred out mess, I want to see reality in a BETTER way, not some artificially low 24fps rate that people are just used to.  


I DON'T CARE what you all are used to !!!!! You are stopping progress by being visual conservatives/troglodytes !!!!!

I am impelled not to squeak like a grateful and frightened mouse, but to roar...

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