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  1. So I'm watching this Linus livestream and it's clear that he's been having some issues with stress and overwork and depression and a crisis of meaning in the face of bigger issues of life and death and worth. It's up to us to brainstorm ways to cheer him up. Linus needs a break, he and his wife clearly want more time to live life outside work, that can be done easily. The staff has grown and can accommodate more people picking up the slack. Linus needs to try shrooms. Repeat bullet point 2, with a guide. On the talk of consumerism and a sense of...
  2. Only part of the way in, but it's interesting to hear how much stuff is fake, and the kind of revenue differentials facebook generations compared to youtube.
  3. FEAR NOT Linus forum dwellers, I can tell many of you are still not aware of the greatness that is my hero academia, do not despair. I will teach you all, for it is the way, the truth, and the light. I know many of you only watch one piece and naruto, but I will rescue you from the darkness. I am an angel of destiny from defunct Aion, descending from the heavens to bring salvation. And that salvation is?????????? Melt before this onslaught of greatness !!!!!!!!!!
  4. After seeing boko no hero academia season 1 and 2 through todays episode 10, it is not clear that hero academia is the greatest anime of all time. That is all. Everyone who agrees with me, is correct, and the rest? May the gods have mercy on your souls.
  5. Not talking the Maury Povitch not the father kind, those 23andme/ancestry kinds that tell you your ethnic background? My mother sent off for a kit, during the holiday, so I did too and just got my results back. I'm a bit shocked. I assume most of you are Lilly white or purebred asian, maybe a few black or latino or indian, but mostly the former two. Me? ~46% African ~28% Asian ~20% middle eastern (wtf total curve ball) ~5% European (iberian peninsula = Spain/Portugal and Italy/Greece, so for all I know that could just be some slaves
  6. I can still see them but I have to go to the original video and not get there through the notifications area.
  7. And deny the world my responses? I cannot let that happen. It's like asking superman to retire. I am needed.
  8. First youtube changed the way comments on chrome worked on my desktop chrome browser that removed the ability to reply in the pop up window of the notifications and forced you to go directly to the video, that sucked but at least it still provided a bit of waning functionality. Then doing the same thing took you to the video that was greyed out with a message that it could not load, all the while the audio was playing in the background and no comments were loaded. So the entire POINT of responding with a click was made moot. And then today, just now, it's STILL broken but
  9. It's even worse for me. First, they broke the ability to reply to comments in that popup window, and in the past few days, when I click on a comment to reply to in notifications I get sent to the video where the screen is totally dark (but audio is still playing), no comments are loaded, and these words are where the video should be showing: This video is unavailable. This occurs on my laptop and desktop in chrome. Totally broken now. That no one else is complaining about this suggests google broke this only for me.
  10. So my laptop just died. I intend to replace it with something that uses usb type c as a power input because those are the models that I am currently favoring. The problem is I also own this which is now useless for charging one of THOSE notebooks. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=external+battery+50000&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aexternal+battery+50000 See the problem. No usb type c, and there are no adapter tips that support usb type c. Am I doomed? Or is there some way to get all that power from that pack into one of th
  11. No matter what display you buy now, know that it will be a compromise. HDR is still in massive flux, especially with peak brightness and black levels not done well across the board, costs are high, and even the most expensive display you can buy does not qualify as a jesus display that is the last you would ever want to buy. So don't bother with getting something perfect, as it does not exist. Go for something decent and tolerable, to tide you over a few years while the display market settles. Same with gpus. The main thing missing is the hdmi 2.1 connector just announced with
  12. I am assuming that several members of the Linus Empire will be attending CES, and there is ONE item I want to get some review of because I cannot attend. OSSIC X headphones. I know Linus and Luke HATE headphones with multiple speakers, but they claim to have cracked the holy grail of superior positional audio. I want to know if it's really decent and sounds good. How well does it actually work? I want to hear the opinions of the TOTALLY jaded Linus staff who have likely tried throngs of terrible "gaming" headsets and know what crap is. And more than that, if the positional aud
  13. Sammael

    I am sad now

    The death of the daughter was sad, but the mother a day later and I kind of felt much worse about it all. Life, this fragile thing. It's times like these when I almost wish there was something more than the abyss, like the force.
  14. I wonder if there was a camera to catch Linus internal monologue if he would respond as the guy in the video that he thought we were nearing the end times after such a calamity. The SCALE of disappointment and disgust is so over the top it's kind of hilarious.
  15. It being "An insult to life itself" !!!!!!! Because apparently that was the response of a respected Japanese artist after seeing an AI created character moving across a screen. http://www.hardocp.com/news/2016/12/11/studio_ghiblis_hayao_miyazaki_calls_ai_cg_animation_insult_to_life_itself