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  1. My decision to buy the OnePlus 3T black edition, and not hold out for the 5 is looking better and better by the day.
  2. Indeed, it's extremely difficult to switch away from Windows. I switched to Linux on my Laptop, but still dual boot my desktop. Lack of a viable alternative I think is partly to blame for the resentment of some Windows users, they are aware they're being held over a barrel. Windows is in a strange position, Microsoft saw the direction of travel quite late, Apple and Google completely took over computing in the Phone & Tablet market (admittedly by creating it), to the point where casual use has largely moved away from the desktop. Microsoft have attempted to create the same sort
  3. This is the go to argument for defending Microsoft. I get it, it seems a bit pointless to split hairs over what Microsoft is tracking, when you may well use an Android phone. But, it sidesteps the actual issue. Microsoft have changed business models, they've gone down the route of trying to copy Google, and they've treated their consumers with a certain level of arrogance. The very first example of this, is trying to create a local account on your first install of Windows 10. For any competent user, it's a real smack in the face when they treat people like idiots. If you attempt to
  4. For me it's too little too late, I've already moved most of my computing to Linux, only run Windows 10 when I absolutely have to (running games mostly).
  5. Windows, Android, Linux etc are "hosting" Kodi by allowing it to run on the OS. Shall we shut them down too? While we're at it, Google links to pirate sites, shall we close them down too? The Kodi Plugins use C++ or Python, perhaps we should ban those programming languages too. The internet "hosts" piracy, perhaps we should just close it down.
  6. This makes very little logical sense. The majority of people share their metadata , I presume you share your data. How are the people that withhold theirs responsible for your irrelevant adverts. Increasing the volume of people sharing browsing data, won't suddenly make adsense style marketing 100% relevant. If you want better personalized adverts, take responsibility and give Google (and all other advertising platforms) more of your own information. Leave us "idiots" that conceal ours out of it. I don't need targeted adverts, so I have no need to be complicit in your desired versi
  7. OnePlus 3T midnight black. Was gonna hold off for the Oneplus 4 / 5 till my old phone started to die.
  8. This comment is ignorant on so many levels. Kodi / XBMC is opensource non-profit MediaCentre software, it's no more responsible for piracy than VLC, iTunes or even Windows. the OP isn't looking for "love", he posted something deemed news worthy, nowhere did his post condone piracy. you lack the understanding to talk on behalf of the community, and indeed you seem to lack the capability to gauge the community's opinion on any given topic. April fools day requires more skepticism than usual, you need to verify things beyond just looking at face value.
  9. Have you tried clearing / disabling location history in Google account settings? Can turn it off at the link below. https://myaccount.google.com/activitycontrols
  10. Yeah, kinda sounds like you're logged in with the same account on an Android phone which is (or has been) sharing your location data.
  11. Another key point is that they are separate verification services because advertisers didn't trust Websites to not spoof views. Which gives rise to a big difference between web browsing and HTC Vive, the separate service being used for verification makes it incredibly easy to block adverts while web browsing, I can just block all traffic to "googleadservices.com" for example. Whereas having the verification baked deeply into your Virtual Headset's hardware / software, makes it extremely difficult to block.
  12. In game advertising isn't new, but it's not standard practice either. I wouldn't say it's an accepted revenue model in the gaming industry, and certainly not a desired one. There are far more relevant and successful avenues open to devs especially where consistent revenue streams are required. Micro-transactions being the prime example. But this HTC idea goes far beyond a developer cashing in on some virtual product placement, their intention is to build the system for displaying and verifying adverts in game, and as has been said in this thread, to place themselves as Google Adsen
  13. How "underage" do you need to be, to consider advertising the only source of revenue. I remember back in my day, people just used to pay money directly for a product / service. On a different note, HTC seem desperate, they tried something similar on their phones. Integrating adverts straight into HTC sense home, which I'm assuming was an utter failure at generating revenue, and a huge PR blunder. It certainly played a part in my decision to opt for a Oneplus 3 over the HTC 10.
  14. I agree, which is why you shouldn't neglect development of kid's common sense or social skills because you have taught them to defend themselves with guns, or you have the fall back of GPS tracking them when they mess up. Both are equally retarded, and a sign of incompetent parenting.
  15. Haha. I enjoy the image of the parent that gives the child a gun for protection, but still wants to track them in-case they get lost or "abducted". That would be an interesting dichotomy, trust that they are responsible enough to handle a deadly weapon without shooting themselves or their friends in the face, but don't trust they're capable of doing so without wandering off and getting lost.