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Corsair unveil the K95, the M65, the M95, the Obsidian 900D and more...

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Maybe the price of the K90 will go down now so I can get one! :D

CPU: i7 2700K @4.8Ghz Mobo: Intel DZ77-RE 75K RAM: Team Extreme 16GB 1600Mhz GPU: Gigabyte 1660Ti PSU: Antec 520W Case: NZXT Phantom 410

Storage: WD Red + 850 Evo Audio: SMSL 793ii -> HiFiman HE-400 + Mission MS-50 Speakers


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Bit annoyed with the mouse and keyboard as I just brought a K90 and M90 but the case looks sweet. Looking forward to bagging myself one and building up a premium comp slowly.

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Look at that Beauty!


that's a modded 800D by the looks of it, 900D only has 4 5.25 Bays with a stealth flap for io, that pic has the hotswap bay, not sure what the white thing on bottom of 5.25 bay, dvd or blu ray drive, dual bay res and fan controller? plus a stealth flap for io.

Shame though

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I wonder if Corsair will come out with a keyboard without macro keys on the left side but still have backlit keys? that external drive looks nuts for on the go people fyi
i saw tiny tim logan modded his k65 to be backlit from a k90
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