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  1. Turns out I already had this installed from the last time I tried to fix it. Nadda .Three backslashes and a bloody question mark...That made all the difference. Regina has left the building, thank you. I'll try this if I ever get a more stubborn tenant than Regina.
  2. Specifically, "Regina Spektor - Remember Us To Life (CD 2016) ", a folder that cannot be deleted in Windows 10. I've tried deleting it normally. "Cannot be found". I've tried shift+deleting. "Cannot be found". I've tried moving it. "Cannot be found". I've tried renaming it. - "Cannot be found". I've tried deleting it via the command prompt. "The system cannot find the file specified". I've tried hiding it. "The system cannot find the file specified". I've tried deleting it with software specifically for deleting undeletable files. "File cannot be found
  3. This is why that video should have been taken down by now. It was wrong when it was made and it's even more wrong now, yet it's still being posted and misinforming people.
  4. It's not innaccurate, but it's not made for this audience. This is more for mech enthusiasts who've started to see them almost as status symbols. While it's somewhat representative of quality, the tiers are more representative of "highbrow" and "lowbrow" keyboards as regarded by those communities.
  5. The advert is the standard cringeworthy fare, but what's the point of it? It's not small or light enough to be ideal for fingertip grippers, so they seem to be aiming at exactly the same market segment as their M45/M65. Even the most cynical reasons I can think of for this existing have already been covered by the latest incarnations of the aforementioned mice, so it seems odd that they've catered to the exact same people they've already catered to instead of making a smaller/bigger mouse for an untapped corner of the market. Edit: Not to mention, the name "Sabre" makes me fear for the fut
  6. Yeah, you'd be better off looking at well-known torrent sites, though not for nothing that doesn't not cost money of course. *cough* I can't speak for logic X, but I started with fL Studio. I believe there's a demo version of it if you're ethically inclined. You don't need anything to start making music with that than a keyboard and mouse.
  7. I said "effective" CPI. CPI is just another form of sensitivity, so If default in-game sensitivity gives you 1:1 movement and you have 1000 CPI, halving your sensitivity in-game (as opposed to halving your in-game sensitivity) should pretty much be the same as using 500 CPI with default in-game sens. Yeah, I prefer to link to images that large, so people don't have to see it every time they scroll through the thread.
  8. Okay, so despite its name, EPP doesn't help your precision at all. What it does is introduce a form of acceleration that makes your mouse move different distances depending on how fast you move your mouse. If you try turning it off for a moment (and apply changes), you'll notice your mouse become more responsive. That is 5k DPI at 1:1 movement (assuming pointer speed is 6/11). Having EPP enabled along with lowering sensitivity in-game means it's quite possible you're using something more equivalent to 3k DPI or less. The point at which your pointer is no longer moving fast enough to target
  9. You're using a fingertip grip, or something close to it, which does require a higher sensitivity but again, not that high. I'm also curious what your windows pointer settings are at and whether you have EPP enabled. That said, yeah, if the extent of your gaming-mouse usage isn't gaming, then maximizing accuracy is irrelevant to you because you have all the time in the world to correct inefficiencies. Acceleration, pixel skipping, z-axis bugs and malfunction speeds all become trivial, becuase you only need to achieve "useable" rather than "optimal". It's like buying a supercar to go the sho
  10. This is impossible to answer for FPS games as a whole, because the method by which a game alters sensitivity via the in-game setting changes on a game-by-game basis. I'm fairly sure raising in-game sensitivity is generally undesirable (due to the methods used to raise sensitivity on a software level), so if the default in-game sensitivity is too low, it'd be preferable to raise the DPI instead, but as to whether it's better to leave in-game sensitivity at default and adjust the DPI to that, or lower the in-game sensitivity and raise the DPI to compensate isn't answerable on the basis of genre.
  11. Whether you believe it or not, it's true. Maybe lasers should be capable of being better than optical, but for the past few years (if not longer), optical has been consistently superior in terms of accuracy. Now with optical mice reaching 8k - 12k DPI, laser mice don't even have that, even though most people probably shouldn't be using DPI that high. It's well established that any laser mouse on the market will have innate tracking flaws, while certain optical sensors are capable of tracking "flawlessly". Going lower would be better for you, accuracy-wise. The more you raise your sensitivi
  12. I wish I'd seen this one sooner, but it all seems almost perfect. Does "square inch" not imply that 1600 CPI would be 40 x 40 pixels? Honestly, this is misleading to the point of qualifying as misinformation. While technically correct, because it'll differ based on screen resolution, game/application, mouse grip and other sensitivity settings, low sensivity is objectively better than high sensitivity, so long as it isn't so low as to become an obstacle in moving the cursor to where you need it in time. By saying it's personal preference, those who are using 8200 DPI on their
  13. Blacks, like all switches, are about preference. To make a slightly strange analogy, it's a bit like BDSM. Whips and chains don't tend to rank too highly on people's list of frisky activities, but then you have that one crowd that just goes crazy for it. Same with black switches. Personally, I'm waiting for a keyboard with linear greys, if not something stiffer than that (I would've loved to try a keyboard with super blacks, though it'd probably be impratical).
  14. And it is terrible. The amount of misinformation in it actually pissed me off, because someone ended up coming to this forum having wasted their money on the wrong mouse because of that video, asking wtf was up. I'm really surprised it's still up, actually.