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    Technology, Video Games, Reading, Cars (Especially MOPAR), Martial Arts (I practice Aiki Tempo Jui-Jitsu), Working Out and Friends.

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  1. I hope I made you smile.  :)

    If not, then i'm sorry.

  2. Considering they have to fly it in and that price includes labour and parts it seems to be accurate. Freight isn't cheap. Last minute air freight especially isn't cheap. My job involves the dispatch and tracking of freight and I'm always cringe when I see air freight quotes
  3. Please use another font than that yellow one. It's almost invisible for us non dark users
  4. I'm putting my money on the fact that Kylo Ren and Rey are siblings or cousins. Either way they are Skywalkers be it Luke's children or Leia's. I'm hoping Kylo is Lukes son which would explain his obsession with Vadar and why Luke appears to be in hiding. Rey being a scavenger would be interesting as it kinda draws comparisons between Han and her.
  5. CM comes in handy for people that don't always have their headphones plugged in. Patricks design is clean when using or not using the CM provided
  6. Cool. I tend to buy Humble bundles once they have announced all the games. That way I can get best bang for the buck. I'll keep an eye on it
  7. Also please note this is not the official thread, I just copy pasted the Vessel video titles forgetting to alter the title.
  8. You mad? Your on a tech forum, this is a tech related discussion on tech we very well could buy in the future and it's also something we can say we had input on. Silverstone buddy, not Steelseries
  9. Like I said on Vessell and Youtube Linus. You went full retard, never go full retard. You where supposed to be picking a winner that Silverstone was able to global with that had the perfect balance of aesthetics and performance. Your winner is horrible and you should feel bad. Patrick Bauers design should have been the winner, your runner up however was an acceptable choice.
  10. Do you think a stand needs to be exciting? Pleasing and functional imo
  11. No way, looking at my can's they are at least 10cm so that design would have to be more than that
  12. Hmm, I still think it comes out from the wall too much. The final design is probably gonna stick out what 30cm? Not sure on the dimensions but's a slot. Most of the other design have half the depth.