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Help Deciding Which Monitor

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So I am in the market to buy a 1440p 144hz display but I really don't want to break the bank (as I am buying a 3080 once stock comes back) so I'm looking for a more budget-friendly option. I have kind of narrowed it down to the Acer XV272U (Amazon) and the Pixio PX278 (Newegg). Both have pretty much the same specs (1440p, 144hz, 1ms, 400nit) and after shipping on Newegg the Pixio is only about $20 cheaper. I have heard great things about the Pixio (haven't really been able to find many videos on the Acer) but the one thing is, I trust Acer as a brand more. Obviously just because I haven't heard of Pixio doesn't automatically make them bad but reliability & support is a big thing for me. Is it worth the extra $20? Or if there are any other monitors out there around a similar price that you could whole heartedly recommend that'd be appreciated as well. (AOC CQ27G1 too dim for me).



Acer XV272U vs Pixio PX278 or any other recommendations?


Thanks in advance guys

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honestly im probably not at all qualified but the acer one looks better to me. I would probably look at some reviews for both of them and decide. You might get better support with the acer one which would probably be worth the 20 extra $

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