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    UHHHHHHhhHhHhhHh Its a gamer time bruv

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  1. good video. only thing i could see being a problem is its a generic video.
  2. well just cause the previous winner did something similar doesnt mean you cant still win. you put your own spin on it and they might still pick you.
  3. Idk what to put here im bored boop doop woop lol

  4. same here my video is super generic but i hope the contents of mine can make me stand out as well.
  5. really well made. I really like the old timey vibe. my only constructive critisism would be that the old time stuff was what won rog rig reboot 2018 i believe. they might think you tried to copy that idea. other than that loved the video. keep up the good stuff.
  6. i went back and watched your video yea it was a little generic but honestly really put together and well edited. you put effort into it which makes it really good. you gave your story about it which makes it stand out.
  7. oh i didnt see that. I guess that works.
  8. i dont think the second one can win. he isnt 13.
  9. honestly its original and really put together. the vhs gives it a really cool aesthetic.
  10. lol twitch streaming was one of the reasons i wanted to win. well i also want to some 3d modeling. and maybe even learn to code.
  11. thats actually such a good video. im pretty sure i saw you post it in here earlier but i didnt reply. good job dude.
  12. my dad found this pc in the trash near my house and he let me kinda mess around with it and see what i could do. under ideal conditions i can atleast get it to boot windows 7.
  13. in one of the threads for previous years contests one of the mods said they are looking for people who are creative AND actually need the pc.
  14. cpu: AMD Phenom II X4 955 gpu: Radeon HD 5670 ram: honestly i cant get the thing to boot so i cant see how much it is since the ram stick doesnt say. ddr3