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Motion Blur

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I remember hearing Linus on a video say "Motion Blur is just stupid." I don't understand why he thinks this way. I game on a 4K 60HZ LG oled TV and when games properly implement MB I get the smoothness similar to120hz when panning the  screen that just isn't possible without it on a 60hz limited monitor. Some games with great MB are Doom Eternal and Forza Horizon 4. What is your opinion?

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On my monitor (165 hz, 1440p, g-sync, ips, 27 inch), I hate motion blur. It makes my games look like a muddy mess, I can't see stuff clearly when panning in shooter games. I don't use it.

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Maybe it's my shite monitors, but I've always known/experienced motion blur to make everything unreadable when moving in game. To the point where it gives me a really bad headache.

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I currently use a Acer Predator ultrawide, in any game I turn off motion blur. Just makes the picture look all muddy. Plus turning off motion blur helps with the motion sickness/headaches I get on certain games.


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I'm definitely in the minority here, but I really love a good motion blur implementation. Even in a game like Team Fortress 2, it's generally nice.

The only game where I actually felt nauseous because of its motion blur implementation was the new Avengers game. It's just too sensitive.

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Some people like it, some people don’t. 

Personally, I think it’s kind of necessary if the game has a realistic styling. Turning it off in game going for realism really pulls me out of the immersion simply because real life has motion blur and stripping it away makes things look really uncanny.

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In some games it's unbearable,but in a lot of games it's really nice to look at.

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Unless it’s NFS or F1, off. 

Same with Depth of field, oof that ALWAYS looks so cheesy and unrealistic 

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