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  1. Shit happens. Try reinstalling the driver.
  2. Open it up, reseat your GPU, and check all your cables are firm and nothing fell out.
  3. If you're running a really low end system, I can see this making a difference, but for most people's gaming computers on here, can't imagine this would be noticeable. Probably measurable, but that's about it.
  4. Check connections, power cycle, try a different monitor to rule out if it's GPU or monitor
  5. I really doubt it. You can switch motherboards for whatever reason, but don't expect better FPS out of it.
  6. Are you trying to do 5.1 through HDMI ARC from the GPU? I would start with using your motherboard's audio outputs, and if that's not sufficient, do a sound card.
  7. I think you can get a surface book 3 with a discreet videocard in it. Not sure if mastercam really needs that though? I have a Lenovo T490 and the trackpad on it is near-useless, the trackpads on the Surface computers are about as good as what you'd find on a MacBook, which is the gold standard for a trackpad.
  8. If it's just games, maybe stick with what he's got and hold out till AM5. A 9900K or 5800X won't really net anything new.
  9. If you're doing a ton of sequential transfers between drives, like TB's worth of photos/videos, NVMe can be significantly faster. Outside of that, it's not really that much faster. Game load times for example, will be near-identical, same goes for transferring a ton of really small files. At the end of the day, 550MB/s on SATA is still really fast compared to what HDD's used to be. Unless you got the money to burn, NVMe ain't worth it if you're building a gaming rig.
  10. A quick google search determined that Displayport 1.2 is limited to 144Hz @ 1440p, which honestly isn't a big change from 165 or 180. It can do 240 at 1080
  11. I run the stock AMD cooler on my 5600X too, but the slightly taller Wraith Spire RGB with the copper slug in it. Got it on Amazon for about $20, doesn't take up tons of room, the RGB ring is pretty sharp looking IMO, and maxes out at about 60% (I don't know the specific RPM). When all cores are pegged doing something in Capture One or Photoshop, I've never seen it reach anything above 75C. In games, I've maybe seen it hit 73 a few times. I wouldn't blink if I saw 82C, 90-93C is when I'd get suspicious.
  12. 3060 no question. In this day and age, it's basically a 1080Ti with RT and uses less than half the electricity.
  13. First world problems much? I've got no sympathy for anyone with a 5950X and a 3090 in these times.