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  1. Overclocking is not future proofing. The idea that an OC can stave off an upgrade, is unrealistic and in general not really worth it. At best without going LN2, you'll get a 10% performance boost. That's the difference between 30 and 33fps.. not exactly meaningful or noticeable.
  2. I think what Disney is doing with it is gold.
  3. If it's older stuff, no sweat. Half Life and Unreal Tournament, even UT2004 should run great at 4K60 on a Ryzen or Xe APU
  4. I'd just copy and paste it before I go to bed
  5. I grew up in a Star Trek house, but I like both. Star Wars is fun in a "Cowboy's in space" kind of way. Solo and Rogue One were surprisingly good IMO, Mandalorian was great. Really liked the last of the Saga movies, I think Star Wars is headed to exciting places and what Disney's been doing with the franchise is really great, actually! Episode's 1-3 when George Lucas was still involved, were genuinely some of the worst movies I've ever seen. Speaking of some of the worst movies I've ever seen, it's a damn miracle 14 movies were spun off of Star Trek: The Motion P
  6. I'd rather have a good 1080p IPS monitor over a mediocre 1440p VA or TN one. Color is very important in day-to-day use.
  7. It's the webcam running Auto-Exposure. Does it have a manual exposure capability? If not, then you need to look into a different option, or a real camera to pipe in a feed.
  8. Good luck with that one.. Linux user's ain't the target market for Phase. Frankly, Phase has way bigger fish to fry before releasing a Linux version to the 20 people who'd download it. I would be fucking pissed if they released a Linux version when their program (which I use daily) is so riddled with bugs, it would make CP2077 blush. How many working commercial photographers even use Linux? I bet zero. Just use MacOS, it's close enough.
  9. I have the Dell 2721, it's great. Calibrates well, 165Hz, good for multi-use stuff. 165Hz is only available over DisplayPort, HDMI is limited to 120Hz, and I would recommend looking for one used. I bought mine off Ebay for about $300.
  10. 3080 or 6900XT for same price? 6900XT any day of the week. RT doesn’t matter yet, DLSS is a reduction in IQ, 16GB VRAM will age better than 10GB
  11. I'm surprised an 8700k would be struggling with that. Have you tried a fresh Windows install? Possibly something software related? If it really is hardware related, a 5900X would be sweet, but it's overkill on core count. A 5800X will do just fine, possibly faster since it's a single chiplet. Also you can get Ripjaws instead of the Trident unless you want RGB, and it'll be just as good for way less money, a consideration since DDR4 will be on its way out very soon.
  12. You have an 8-bit monitor, setting your video card to 10-bit won't change that.
  13. When you reset the BIOS, it might take a while for the motherboard to reboot. My MSI board takes forever to boot after a CMOS clear, and my Asus board will cycle 2-4 times when the BIOS clears too. When you boot the computer, are there diagnostic lights that tell you what it's stuck on?