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  1. Esports stuff set to the lowest and 720p would probably run. Don't expect much over 30fps though.
  2. I'm pretty sure the RDNA2 stuff won't boot Quake 2 RTX. I think it needs an Nvidia card.... Same goes for Minecraft RTX
  3. Don't do it. 1) the money you'll spend won't be worth much of an upgrade 2) nothing's even available I'd stick with what you got, till April or May. A 3470 to a 3570 is not really an upgrade, even an i7 3770 wouldn't cut it for Doom or FC5. Your RX560 should be OKAY for a little while though. a 3GB 1060 would be a horrible buy in 2021. Wait till you can get a 1660 Super or 5600XT. Nvidia went on the record at "CES" saying that regular stock isn't a reality till at least April
  4. Nothing's been in stock since November. That's why
  5. Good god.. I wouldn't use wipes on the boards themselves
  6. The CPU and GPU charts might be overlapping eachother. Ping-Ponging so to speak. When I render JPEG's out of Capture One, it does that. Goes from GPU to CPU, back and forth.
  7. I'd give my left nut to get 70mbps out of my DSL... You can get a mesh system installed. Last house I lived in had a similar situation, and I used a TP-Link setup that worked pretty good. I spiked an ethernet cable from my computer into the mesh unit and my pings were OK (100ish), transfer speeds were about 200mbps out of a max of 500. So not bad at all
  8. It's probably the card. When you put your Titan XP back in, is it business as usual?
  9. Just to add, I have very clean power to my house, but I live in the woods, and the power will go out multiple times at night when there's a windstorm. APC's save computers....
  10. Is your computer plugged straight into the wall, or through an APC? Could be super dirty power coming in, could be a short or something. I'd get a new PSU, probably another CX550m, along with an APC, and when installing the new PSU, completely dismantle the computer and inspect the motherboard and cards to make sure they're not shorting out or touching something they're not supposed to. It'll give you a good excuse to up your cable management game at the minimum.
  11. It'll boot and run really old stuff no problem, but as soon as it needs to draw max power, or spikes in power requirements, your PSU will reboot your computer suddenly as a safety measure. If you want to stick to Corsair PSU's, an RM850x would a good place to start. You might be able to get away with a 6800XT on a 650W PSU...
  12. a 3060 Non-Ti would be a great upgrade, or a Radeon 5700XT IMO the 3060Ti is kind of a dumb product now. 15-20% faster, 50% less VRAM, 50% more expensive
  13. If it's still doing that after a reformat, it's not a software issue.