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New build, POSTS, runs, ethernet connection worked, now doesn't.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I built this PC day before yesterday and put a clean windows install on it. It posts, runs, and the first night it had internet access. 

Ever since then, my internet access has disappeared. Still hardwired. The yellow stays light blinks slow and steady while the green status light stay dark. 

My wifi is still working fine, and when I plug the same cable into my Xbox it has internet access. I am lost! 

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maybe Windows screwed up the driver ssomehow. 


can you open device manager and then look here: 


it should look like that, the ethernet controller with no yellow thing on the icon. 

Phone: iPhone 6s | 64GB iOS

Laptop: Apple MacBook Pro | Core i5 3210M | 16GB RAM500GB SSD | macOS

PC: Intel S5520HC | 2x Xeon E5620 | RX 4608GB RAM500GB SSD | Bitfenix Whisper 850W | Ubuntu 20.10

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Posted · Original PosterOP

it looked just like that, but when i checked the status is showed it was not working properly, error code 45.

I tried reinstalling the drivers multiple times but the install wiz says, component not found.


Next I tried uninstalling the controller and then scanning for hardware changes and it is GONE!


Trying to figure out how to reinstall the controller entirely now i guess...

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