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  1. I'm using XMP. When set to auto it selects 2400, but the XMP profile adjusted the dram frequency to 3600 and the voltage up to 1.35V. I tried adjusting the frequency without XMP but the system wouldn't POST. I'm going to look into BIOS updates and contact ASRock. Thank you MiniBois P.S. When I check the memory QVL I found another Team 32GB Dark Za(alpha) and searched the model and it brought up the one I purchased... even though the models are slightly different.. SMH. Thank you Habibi!
  2. I've got a new build with 2 x 16GB T-FORCE DARK Z DDR4 3600 and I have XMP enabled, but even when I attempt to overclock them they won't go above 2499MHz. I have a feeling my rig will run much better once I get these up where I want them to be. Any help is appreciated! Build info: ASRock B550M Pro4 Ryzen 5 3600 Team T-FORCE DARK Z 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3600 (PC4 28800) Intel XMP 2.0 Desktop Memory Model TDZGD432G3600HC18JDC01 GTX 650
  3. If you want the newest card, I'd go with the 3080 for the same reasons @jaslionmentioned above. You don't throw a Ferrari engine in an Acura body. Upgrade your monitor and your motherboard/Cpu first, maybe your RAM if you want, otherwise you'll have an overpowered PC ready to play in beautiful high resolution and fps and you'll have to WAIT UNTIL CHRISTMAS?! haha but that's just me.
  4. I got these components from a friend and have gotten everything working on a separate build except the motherboard/cpu. I cannot seem to figure out why my HDD shows up, but not as a boot option. Just put a clean install on this drive before testing the components yesterday and it booted fine on my other system.
  5. it looked just like that, but when i checked the status is showed it was not working properly, error code 45. I tried reinstalling the drivers multiple times but the install wiz says, component not found. Next I tried uninstalling the controller and then scanning for hardware changes and it is GONE! Trying to figure out how to reinstall the controller entirely now i guess...
  6. I built this PC day before yesterday and put a clean windows install on it. It posts, runs, and the first night it had internet access. Ever since then, my internet access has disappeared. Still hardwired. The yellow stays light blinks slow and steady while the green status light stay dark. My wifi is still working fine, and when I plug the same cable into my Xbox it has internet access. I am lost!
  7. I've been thinking about a NAS setup. But I have an XFX HD 6870 I've never been able to use with the optiplex because of the psu (I cut out everything physically in the way...) and now this psu isn't enough because apparently it needs 2 6-pin power cables and this psu has only ONE. Also, I got it to boot and am installing Windows now!
  8. Yeah the Optiplex at least had core 2 quad in them. I've got a beefier XFX HD 6870, but this power supply doesn't have 2 6-pin cables..
  9. Not sure. Haha. I just got it to boot windows and I peeled a HDD from another system and am installing windows right now. Let's see yours!
  10. I found this PC when I took out the trash. The dumpster was so full it sat right on top. I though I'd at least get a better psu than the ones I salvaged from a bundle of Dell Optiplex 780 I purchased. When I short the power pins the fans spin up, but I can't get any HDMI output through my GC and my VGA are in storage. This PC is missing side panels so I'm interested in making something cooler than a bland flat panel to keep dust out. The CPU and motherboard should be an upgrade from the optiplex... MSI 760gm-p34 (FX) 2X4GB Kingston DDR3 1333MHZ(salvaged from other PC) Radeon
  11. Imagine if you will, a Dell Optiplex 780 with 750 GB HD, 4x2GB RAM, a core 2 quad 3ghz, AMD R7 240 2GB GC. The GC was $10 on Craigslist. I got another beefier XFX radeon HD 6870, too but my optiplex's psu isn't equipped with 2x6pin power cables just found a PC in a Dumpster and the fans spin up when I power it up, but no display output through any GC...
  12. Haha that's me! I bought 4 PCs for $20, two graphics cards for $15, a keyboard I had to reconnect to the USB A end of the cable for $2 and idk where my mouse dame from. Want specs?