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Linkup cable

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I have looked but maybe in the wrong place. Here is my problem. So I've heard that the "Linkup" SLI cable is suppose to be one of the better SLI quality cables. And yes, I know SLI is basically dead for new games and titles. I have always liked SLI, that's just me.


But to the problem. I have two 9800 GTX, two GT 545, 2 GTX 285, two GTX 680 and using this linkup cable (i have two i just bought) i get all kinds of crashes and graphical anomalies. i used these cables on each set of cards, same result, BUT the old orange " flimsy" ones work perfect on every paired card. What could be the issue?


And please don't scold me on why I'm testing or using SLI, lol!


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