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iCUE, Asus Aura Sync, and EKWB RGB

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey everyone!



Currently trying to find out if I can sync all my rgb to work from my iCUE profiles. In my current planned build I'm going to have an ASUS Z490 GAMING E mobo and I planned on going EKWB for the custom loop.


I emailed EK support and they could only confirm that their RGB software is compatible with ASUS Aura SYNC.


If I can control ASUS aura sync from my Icue profile then I should be able to control the custom loop as well right?


Do I buy an iCUE commander and plug all the EK rgb into it in order to control it? or do i buy an EK controller and run it from iCUE?


If anyone can answer this complex question that would be awesome! I'd rather not have to build my custom loop with Corsair if I didn't have to because I wanted to go with a distro-plate d5 pump instead of a pump from corsair.


Also my GPU isn't compatible with Corsair Waterblocks, I'd have to buy one from bykski.

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