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  1. Lower volume of sales, VERY few people watercool/liquid cool computers. Expensive CnC equipment required to make the blocks. Blocks don't always fit universally so you need to invest in more hardware for different mounting options.
  2. Now that's something worth exploring, created a air pipe thats insulated to draw in freezing air from outside in winter into the case
  3. Bro you've been given every opportunity to succeed here. Fans move air in the direction of the spines that hold the fan in place, if you want the air to come out the front of the case make sure the spines face the front. You can put them either side of the radiator but according to the graph from always you get slightly better performance if the fans blows into the rad rather than sucking on the rad.
  4. You can't cool more than the amount of energy you put in, in fact there are quite a bit of losses. So a 500W freezer cannot cool down a 500W pc in short. Then there are sooo many other problems like: condensate cooling down all over and not just the cpu/gpu where it's really needed. A freezer costs WAY more than any decent cooling system would cost you. Phase change coolers for pc's exist already.
  5. There is no shortage at all, not sure where you are looking or where you live though: https://www.dazmode.com/product-category/watercooling/fittings/soft-tube-fittings/12-34-compression-fittings/ I have a bunch of bitspower ones with no issues.
  6. Off topic but this works on linux: https://gitlab.com/CalcProgrammer1/OpenRGB/-/releases I actually use this on windows because asrocks software is broken
  7. That fans have nothing to do with the cooler, they are just fans. If they don't spin you over tightened them or they are touching the rad or they are not getting power. Also if you put the pump on the sys-pump header and nothing in the CPU fan header your computer is going to think you have no cpu fan. So put the pump there or put one of the fans in the CPU fan header. I have no idea how that aio runs its fans so I can't tell you what is going on.
  8. uh dude, does you pc still turn on.. then its not fried. Also modern cpus can be run without any heatsink for a short bit with no issue. Double check that you are providing power to the aio properly, find the install manual for it and follow the steps.
  9. No current flows toward the direction of least resistance. You basically have a galvanic battery with a + and - side and now you are putting a wire between them and then also connecting that wire to ground. The shortest route for current would be directly between the components not to ground in this case. Cathodic protection is stupid, that dissolving metal is going to cause buildup of small particles and its a short term fix. Bro you are trying to make this work too hard. If it was a thing everyone would be doing it.
  10. Rotate it 90 degrees so the tubes come out the top or bottom?! They don't have to come out by the ram or am I missing something here?
  11. Check out dazmode, other than amazon is the only canadian reseller I know of. https://www.dazmode.com/shop/watercooling/ek-classic-kit-s360-d-rgb/
  12. Literally using the word "ground" means current flow to ground. And you are connecting all the components together , the path to the other components will then have WAY less resistance than a ground connection. Ground is literally a stake in the soil outside your house, it's not exactly and amazing conductor.. so you will promote current flow between the components. When there is current there is corrosion.
  13. I'm in Canada so I got these from Dazmode: https://bitspower-warranty.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=411
  14. A new o-ring might help especially if it's an older fitting. I bought a 50 pack of o-rings recently for super cheap and every time i change fittings I change their o-rings also.
  15. The wire just makes everything worse by allowing even more current to pass between the metals. Use a chemical corrosion blocker.