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Is A 350W PSU Enough For A GTX 1650S?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello, I've recently gotten a pretty good deal for a prebuilt PC, and I couldn't just leave it sitting there on the shelves. I've had the PC for a little bit now and I'm satisfied? I have a GTX 1050 2GB and that was kinda a bummer... So I'm thinking of replacing the current GPU with a GTX 1650S! But I'm not sure if my current PSU can support it. 


I currently have a 350W PSU & Intel Core-i7 7700.

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Is it an oem or a prebuilt ? 

7 minutes ago, consentwastaken said:

if my current PSU can support it. 

If it has a 6 pin pcie cable the it'll work 

But as I said above, is it an oem unit or a prebuilt ?

Because if it's a prebuilt I would highly advise checking it.

Fun Fact: The Meshify c is the best case to ever exist.






B550m TuF plus.

Hyper x rgb 8 gig stick. (MJR or CJR  i still don't know lol).

1650 super.







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Most likely no. Get. A regular 1650.

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