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I keep getting the dxgi_error_device_removed error whenever I play Rise of the Tomb Raider. I don't suspect it is a hardware problem as my gpu never crashes any other game or my OS. 

Here are a list of things I have tried:

Check for DirectX update via dxwebSetup.exe

Clean reinstall of graphics driver

Little to no overclock on gpu (1060 6gb) +10 +10, and +0, +0

Update MSI afterburner

Check temps with MSI afterburner, 45-70C

Check for windows update

Ran the directX error checker command thing

Verified game install with steam

Verified OS integrity with the cmd tool

Tried the registry edit to remove error message (just results in crash/lock)

Physically reinstalled my gpu and cleaned my case and components


Any suggestions would be great, I would love to play through this game but it is nearly impossible to play for more than 5-10 minuets. This is odd too because when I stared a new save I was able to play for a few hours with no crash. 



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