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TV sound system recommendations

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Posted Original PosterOP

Hello folk,

Could y'all give me your recommendations for TV soundbars or TV sound systems?

Thanks 馃槑馃憠馃憠

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You n eed a budget and an idea of how large you want the system, if you want surround, how much space you have,聽etc....

Or I can just recommend some $8000 32" subs for you if you want.

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If you're on a tight budget, I personally have a logitech Z506 system on my TV and it kicks well above the price would suggest, if you're looking for a proper entertainment system that's not my area of expertise. Only other advice I can give is to say that used bookshelf speakers and a power amp will sound much better than a cheap integrated solution.

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Posted Original PosterOP

My budget is less than 1500 CAD and I want something that will sound great watching movies and streaming music.聽

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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, Felixwaw said:

My budget is less than 1500 CAD and I want something that will sound great watching movies and streaming music.聽


For speakers, I'd take a look at the Bowers & Wilkins 606 bookshelf/standmount loudspeakers. B&W stuff sounds great, but these speakers have a fairly low minimum impedance, and pretty average sensitivity, so will need a somewhat beefy amplifier with decent current for those low impedance dips.



As you want an amplifier that has decent output at lower impedances, a Yamaha A-S301 should do you well. Has an optical input which is ideal for TV use, as the TV can handle all the inputs then just spit its audio out to the Yamaha unit. Also rated for the impedance of the speakers and is slightly warmer sounding, as most Yamaha stuff is, which will help tame the ever so slightly edgy (to some people, Personally I think it's fine) treble of the speaker's.


All we need is an optical cable, and a pair of speaker cable. Micca make some great cable which looks nice, is pretty thick and will last a decent while. Also uses banana plugs so are really easy to connect up to everything.


Alternatively, Amazon make some cheap cable. About twice as cheap, makes no difference to the sound.


Any old optical cable will work:


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