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    Hi I'm Sloth,
    I buy too many guitars and microphones
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  1. Even if you have phantom power supply, mics like that need as preamp so using an Audio Interface is always the best option, remember also that the mic you are using is not an overly expensive or high quality one so if you ever do want to upgrade to better mic you will already have the interface ready to go.
  2. The Scarlett line really is no better than that Behringer, they're competing in the same price range. The people who told you that are silly, most important thing for vocal quality is the mic itself.
  3. Samson Q2U, AT2005 and Tbone MB88U are the USB mics that are suggested for purchase here. If you're certain you want one of those two I won't be too much help.
  4. The millennium pocket phantom is not an interface, only a phantom power supply. I would strongly suggest trying the mic with an actual interface and if that doesn't solve it there may be something up with the mic or cables themselves
  5. This is untrue, electret condensers do not require phantom power. The circuit may function better with Phantom but it is not a requirement. The original BM series of mics from isk audio are extremely good microphones but all the cheap $10 mics using the same (and similar) names are god awful and you should never touch them. OP read the link in my signature it answers your question of what mic to purchase, in short, at the price range you're considering your choices are either to go used or just pick up something like the Samson Q2U, ATH2005 or Tbone MB88U.
  6. Dynamic mics are less sensitive than condenser mics, it's just how they are, if you find that it needs a boost grab a Klark Teknik CT1, basically the same as a cloud lifter but a bunch cheaper.
  7. What are you currently using to power the podmic??
  8. And obviously it's not working with phantom so did you try using the battery?
  9. Amazon listing indicates it requires a battery, did you put the battery in?
  10. My issue with the DDA is that I can find very limited information about compatibility between mixer series, the desk looks to only be 20 inputs and has a tonne of output channels which I really don't need. While I could try and sell them and get my hands on a few more input channels that sounds like a lot of work and given it's an old niche brand for a niche product it may not ever eventuate. Oh man, That heritage is calling to me though, I've always loved those things though hate the fact that the 'recall' still requires manual intervention, I mean, it was a $100,000 console for god's sake. F
  11. That looks to be the newer replacement for the Onyx 32.4 I owned some time ago, I'll certainly keep an eye out in case any come up at a good price. I think I'll be contacting the guy selling the DDA as it's been on the market for AAAAAAGES and it's still there, might be able to argue him down to a lower price, then again, I have found very limited information online about the QMR series so we'll see how much I hate my bank balance later. Faderport is a good shout too, basically one of the three options for control surface and the Icon line doesn't come close to the other two so it's bas
  12. Yeah, I'm a big fan of the X touch and BC lines, I went over the differences between the Icon models and X touch line in a duplicate thread over on GS but you're right to bring them up. In fact, I specifically mentioned the BCR here because I still have extremely fond memories of that thing. The reason one of the options in the initial post included the X32 is purely monetary, it's less money to purchase an X32 for use as interface and DAW controller than the RME/8200/Controller setup. Having said that, I agree the X32 isn't great for studio use though I've not had any of the same negative exp
  13. You have no idea how long I've been on the lookout for one of the classic MIDAS desks at a decent price, only one online currently (Heritage) is in greece for AUD $22,000. I know I said money wasn't a massive issue but that's a little much for me. I completely agree on the quality point, perhaps I should have phrased my last comment differently but I've had the chance to play with an old XL4 an man did that thing just exude quality. I mean, nothing above 16 channels that I recognise the model of at a glance or for an excellent price but there's an AMEK Big 44, modular DDA / QMR
  14. Space and money aren't a massive issue, obviously I'd prefer it didn't cost me too much and didn't take up too much room but if it's worth the extra it I'll consider it. Absolutely agree on this point though, I previously have owned a Midas Venice 320 and Mackie 32.4, neither were excellent so far as mixers go but I found them useful for a time. With regards to the Preamp question, the ADA8200 has Venice pres and though it obviously doesn't have per channel EQ I usually do all that sort of stuff ITB. My previous plan was to just use an analogue desk Midas Legend/Heritage line) and pump
  15. Hey guys, I know I'm usually answering rather than asking but I've hit a little bit of a snag when planning out the new purchases. In short, it's about time for a very large studio upgrade for me and I really want hardware controls for the DAW mixer channels, I really hate controlling all the knobs and faders virtually, it's not intuitive and I can't move multiple faders around at the same time when mixing, I also need to upgrade on interface, At the moment I have 16CH (UMC1820 and ADA8200) and I find myself limited by channel count, quality and really want a DAW control surface. The s