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    Because F*** Physics
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    Hi I'm Sloth,
    I buy too many guitars and microphones
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  1. To illustrate the point, A few years back I was perm banned due to a report to mods from another user, the user completely misunderstood the situation where I was speaking to another person in the voice channel, not them, we were talking about specific game mechanics and the reporting user thought I was being rude. Spoke to mods and got unbanned because I hadn't done anything wrong and was talking to someone else (who wasn't offended nor supportive of the ban since I was just talking about game mechanics), as soon as the reporting user saw me back (on the same account) I was reported again and
  2. Those mics are electrets too so will be more resilient than the true SDC capsule in a 990
  4. I'd tend to shy away from AT but they will do what you want them to and yes, they're XLR.
  5. Hi guys, I have a Poco X3 that recently received the 12.5 stable update and since that time both my lock and home screens have been black. I've tried to change them in settings and with Google wallpapers but no matter what I do they just stay completely black. I've redownloaded and reinstalled the update, restarted the phone and there's even been another update with some more changes that did nothing for me. Would anyone know a fix for this other than factory reset? Because I have quite a few apps sideloaded that I'm not sure I'd be able to find again.
  6. You should be looking for (at least one if not multiple) large diaphragm condenser microphones. This is extremely easy to achieve with LDCs take a look at the guide in my sig for more information.
  7. Presenting : The most inexpensive MP3 player
  8. If you need better quality audio don't buy a gaming headset, it's really as simple as that. Buy a proper set of headphones and either add a modmic or an external microphone setup. EQ can help modify the sound signature of the cans you have but it can't create detail where there is none.
  9. I'm on the other side of the world to you guys and still order from Thomann because of the baller customer service, great prices and no-nonsense returns policy if anything goes wrong. I have very few loyalties as a consumer, in the audio space really only Thomann and 3U have earned that from me, if any of the other brands I recommend had superior products in the same or lower price range I'd jump ship in an instant.
  10. I'd avoid the NT1-A, as a large diaphragm condensers go it's overly bright and it also due to being a LDC it picks up a lot of background noise. If you're set on an LDC the 3U Audio CM1 is a better choice for the price, if you're not set on an LDC small diaphragm mics would avoid excessive background noise. 3U has options there as do just about every other manufacturer. I'd recommend you take a look at the guide in my signature for further information. That interface is also overpriced for what it is, the UMC202HD will do just as good of a job and so far as stands go, the cheap Millenni
  11. Just run it through Discord or Zoom, have the DM on a laptop / IPAD so they can see the play surface, or even better, make the play surface virtual so the DM can control it directly.
  12. I'm in a jurisdiction where every seller has to accept my returns no matter what because of consumer protection laws anyway . And I'm not purchasing directly from HRRM so their policies don't really apply The price listed is for a pair, as a pair that price isn't much above what your standard NADY or Shuaiyin ribbon would cost and as for the price being an indicator of it not being a rebadge... Telefunken sold rebadged Apex 460s as boutique mics for over a grand, and no, they didn't make any (meaningful) modifications at all.
  13. Unfortunately there are ongoing lockdowns in my country and when I say locally I mean about 4000 km away. I have also found the store and associated SoundCloud presence but as I mentioned it's controlled by the manufacturer so I'm not sure I'd trust it too far. Absolutely agree the prices don't seem outrageous assuming they're not just repackaged Chinese OEMs.