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    Audio, Anime, Pcs, Games


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    b550 mag tomahawk
  • RAM
    32 gig G.Skill Neo
  • GPU
    RTX 3070 tuf OC
  • Case
    phanteks p400 with mesh front panel
  • Storage
    WD blue 500gig ssd and a 860 evo 1tb ble hdd x1 2tb barraccuda
  • PSU
    seagate 750 watt focus gold
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    1 asus 1080p monitor in vertical and a 144z 1440p lg monitor
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    be quite! dark rock pro 4
  • Keyboard
    ducky one 2 rgb full sized
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    Model O wireless
  • Sound
    topping d10---> Liquid spark dac-->Liquid spark/liquid platinum/asgard 3---> dt 990,hd 58x, he 4xx, audio quest nighthawk carbon, fostex purple hearts, dt 770.
    topping pa3-----> micca RB 42
  • Operating System
    win 10
  • Laptop
    lenovo thinkbook 14s i7 8th gen radeon 540x

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  1. You will need a 560 compatible cable that goes to 4.4 pentaconn . And no balanced will not turn it mono. If anything many people claim the opposite making things sound more separated
  2. The 560s is on the brighter side of things. And doesn't really require much power. A good $200 stack is the classic magni 3+ modi stack pairs well plenty of power for future headphones but unnecessary. Another good pairing is the zen dac. If your willing to get a new cable for the 560s that is balanced. The zen dac has moderately good amount of power and leans on the warmer side of amps but still pretty neutral. Also comes packed with a good bass boost if your I to that the balanced cable is connected as the amp sounds it's best balanced.
  3. I think the tin t2 plus would be up your alley. harman neutral and forgiving enough for badly produced hip hop .
  4. What type of music do you listen to?. Do you prefer something that sounds neutral, warm, vshaped, bassy?
  5. Those are Abit old do you have any reason as to why your limited to those 3 specifically? What kind of music do you listen to and what kind of sound are you looking for generally
  6. what kinds of rice do you eat? just plain white rice? brown rice? rice with spices? Chinese rice? Egyptian rice? japnese rice? 



    i like rice as you can tell from above....

    1.   Show previous replies  3 more
    2. Schnoz


      1 hour ago, adarw said:

      cool! i eat mostly white, yellow, sushi, and brown rice! i like trying others but i never tried purple rice, @Schnoz what does it taste compared to other types?

      Hard to describe. It's definitely more chewy, and with a bit of a...nutty? flavor.

    3. adarw


      1 minute ago, Schnoz said:

      Hard to describe. It's definitely more chewy, and with a bit of a...nutty? flavor.

      do you like it more than brown rice lets say?

    4. Schnoz


      28 minutes ago, adarw said:

      do you like it more than brown rice lets say?

      Not sure. Depends on how well they're cooked.

  7. Hard to go wrong with a schiit stack for your budget if you can find a used asgard a asgard modi stack would pair really nicely
  8. really ? I would love to know what it is because this seems to be a popular problem I would love to see what your solution is.
  9. If you go to your local seco d hand store you can definitely get yourself some curtains and mount them on your bare walls as the easiest solution.
  10. Doubt there is a device like that but you can definitely make a setup like that using a mixer and 2 different DACs .
  11. Hard to recc this guy these days unfortunately as it's old and now outclassed by even cheaper dongles sound wise
  12. Claims are another thing from reality sadly. My own motherboard claims the same thing and does not achieve anywhere near 600 ohms and 250 ohms is quite for me too. . Best thing you can do is buy an amp. Or you could use a program like equalizer app to add more volume but you will Introduce distortion as you will be needlessly pushing the amp.
  13. I'm regards to the d10 vs E39 situation both sound pretty similar but the e30 has a bit of a softer tone. Honestly if your iffy in harsh treble the 880 600 ohm is honestly just the better pick.
  14. The whole debate where the 600 880 and 990 need a ton of power kinda sucks. Imo the liquid spark is enough for 600 990 , and 880. You should have enough power to blast both headphones to the loudness you want and they have enough power to be at at 95% arguable a 100% their whole potential. From my experience they do benefit from a better amp but not to the point where the difference is really worth the extra cash imo. Only time I truly reccomend a better amp for the 990 is if you go full enthusiast and k ow your gonna buy better headphones that benefit much more from.a better amp. The main ben