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    I eat a lot of rice

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    Audio, Anime, Pcs, Games


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    b550 mag tomahawk
  • RAM
    32 gig G.Skill Neo
  • GPU
    RTX 3070 tuf OC
  • Case
    phanteks p400 with mesh front panel
  • Storage
    WD blue 500gig ssd and a 860 evo 1tb ble hdd x1 2tb barraccuda
  • PSU
    seagate 750 watt focus gold
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    1 asus 1080p monitor in vertical and a 144z 1440p lg monitor
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    be quite! dark rock pro 4
  • Keyboard
    ducky one 2 rgb full sized
  • Mouse
    G502,Model O
  • Sound
    topping d10---> Liquid spark dac-->Liquid spark/liquid platinum---> dt 990,hd 58x, he 4xx, audio quest nighthawk carbon, fostex purple hearts, dt 770.
    topping pa3-----> micca RB 42
  • Operating System
    win 10
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    lenovo thinkbook 14s i7 8th gen radeon 540x

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  1. The 2021 isn't really a thing 2020 is just when that revision came out. Honestly If you intend to use these on plane I highly recommend you not do that and consider the closed back options instead. Or buy a cheaper closed back headphone or in ear earphone. To go along with a nice open back as the noice isolation can be priceless on a plane
  2. Akg k371 is one of my favorite closed backs right now. The ath m40x is on eof the more reliable headphones that lean neutral with a bit of bass. The meze 99 noir is great if you like a more consumer bassy sound signature but tuned well. I really would not reccomend getting any dt 770 that isn't 250 ohm or higher.
  3. Kz edx is really good for the price.
  4. havin g more threads on a cpu can helpp a good amount with deep learning from my knowledge. but its not as important as a gpu with lots of memory. you can get away witha cheaper cpu if you want to do deep learning no problem but if you want to do some reinforced learning a stronger CPU would be preferable. honestly for the price of the 1100k I would honestly build a 1100k system over a a ryzen 5 3600x if gaming is priority
  5. Unless you are running hard to drive headphones or you motherboard sounds like shit your good.
  6. Not as much as you think it's less about accuracy, rather about presence. Just having treble helps in competitive gaming but as previously brought up having an accurate Soundstage and imaging is much more important than accurate treble.
  7. this one is also an iffy headphone to reccomend as the mids are known to have ringing/resonance which with most music involving voices can make it sound like your listening to the voices in a tin can. the newer m1070 or other planar headphones like the he 400i 2020 will give you a better experience if you are entruiged by planar sound. if your into wired I would point you towards the tygr 300r easy to drive wide sounding and generally pretty great for your use case IMO.
  8. careful with these ones. used pairs can be scetchy as some of the ealier batches had some issues
  9. The panda can often sound somewhat compressed as well especially in the treble response region characteristic of the oppo pm 3 which uses the same drivers as the panda. I do aggree with them looking pretty dorky though. I like how the pandas look more than the penrose. This is the reason why. Windows sucks at interfacing with bluetooth for the most part being able to just best used with 2?4 ghz is a major advantage vs the panda to negate most of the input lag associated with wireless and cuts all the unnecessary BS that bluetooth has with windows. They are both
  10. The penrose is pretty damn good and is comparable and cheaper than the panda. And is much better for gaming wirelessly.
  11. If you are looking for a wireless solution that is closed back it's really hard to beat the audeze penrose right now
  12. equalizer apo is basically the way peace communicates with your system. so I would just toggle things through peace. peace is basically just a better interface that lets you do more than base equalizer apo. be careful though you definitely dont wann push the volume too much . as the bass can start to distort as your motherboard is only designed to push out so much
  13. How about the beyerdynamic tygr? If you buy directly from beyerdynamic it could be within budget. Edit: just noticed you live in India so highly chance the tygr is stupid hard to get. A headphone the may do what you need within budget is the akg k612 or akg q701.
  14. The k371 is plasticky but built well enough. If the 770s are too analytical for you I would not reccomend the 990 as the treble is more sharp and less forgiving than the 770. If you want a more relaxed sound I would honestly go with the 880 instead.
  15. The 6xx gains soundstage with tubes and more expensive amps. The 58x off a mobo though will have a slightly wider sounddstage. If you want a wide soundstage though these Sennheisers are the wrong thing to buy. Also imaging is really more important than soundstage for gaming. Wide soundstage is nothing without good imaging.