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    I eat a lot of rice

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    Audio, Anime, Pcs, Games


  • CPU
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    b550 mag tomahawk
  • RAM
    32 gig G.Skill Neo
  • GPU
    RTX 3070 tuf OC
  • Case
    phanteks p400 with mesh front panel
  • Storage
    WD blue 500gig ssd and a 860 evo 1tb ble hdd x1 2tb barraccuda
  • PSU
    seagate 750 watt focus gold
  • Display(s)
    1 asus 1080p monitor in vertical and a 144z 1440p lg monitor
  • Cooling
    be quite! dark rock pro 4
  • Keyboard
    ducky one 2 rgb full sized
  • Mouse
    Model O wireless
  • Sound
    topping d10---> Liquid spark dac-->Liquid spark/liquid platinum/asgard 3---> dt 990,hd 58x, he 4xx, audio quest nighthawk carbon, fostex purple hearts, dt 770.
    topping pa3-----> micca RB 42
  • Operating System
    win 10
  • Laptop
    lenovo thinkbook 14s i7 8th gen radeon 540x

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  1. I need a general range cause audio can get stupid pricey and what type of music you listen to is a very important question to nail down something you will like.
  2. What's your budget? And what kind of music do you listen to?
  3. Since you have a usb Dac a usb switcher could work.
  4. The logical upgrade to me from the 9500s is has always been the 880 600 ohm or the akg k612 pro and akg k712. The akg k612 pro to.me has always been a good alternative and to me is a better option these days.
  5. May be a bit much but I tend to compare it to the really cheap ksc75 pure sound quality wise. I personally prefer the sound of the ksc 75. The trade offs are the ksc 75 has a better and imo more clean treble response that isn't very sharp, the bass has actual punchyness to it thus making the mids sound warmer or more filled out. What the shop 9500s win in is overall soundstage , imaging , and build quality and some would argue better detail retention. Koss to me destroy them In overall tonality but the shps do win in technicalities and of course build quality.
  6. i currently use a pair of galaxy buds plus has workd great so far but stock tuning sucks after a bti fo eq got them to sound great they are plenty comfy and has been reliable over the past year of almost daily use
  7. Personally wouldn't go any 770 if you want good mids especially not the 80 ohm or lower the 250 ohm is fine but does need a warm source to get decent mids. While many might disagree I think the meze 99 noir might be a good pick. Good strong bass response half decent mids and decent treble definitely a more fun signature. But if you do want a good all rounder with good bass good mids and treble the akg k371 would be another great pick imo. The bass response is just not as strong as the sony or the meze.
  8. All good I always preferred the overall neutral laid back sound of the t2 over the v shaped kinda bright sound of the zs10 pro anyway
  9. ah my bad missed the part where your from eastern europe. the tin t2 is very flat and is a good option but these days people seem to really like the HZ sound heart mirror. as a neutral sub $100 pick, the moondrop aria is a good option as well if you consider Harman neutral, neutral.
  10. Sennheiser don't do closed backs well generally. And there tend to be better closed backs often but open backs are their specialty. The hd 650 is a excellent headphone but does lack some qualities people tend to look for in a open back like a wide soundstage. It does make up for in a warm innofensive sound with really good timbre. You can get it cheaper than sticker price If your in the US by getting it off massdrop it's called the 6XX there. The 650 does benefit from an amp though and will often sound kinda underwhelming especially in the bass region witthout one but will work mostly fine
  11. Since your in europe tonal balance and what's needed and open back I think it's really hard to beat the akg k371. Scales better with abetter source as well if you ever want to upgrade. Otherwise the dt 880 600 ohm is the other thing I would reccomend but I would bet a better amp tbh. Another option to consider is the ath r70x but it leans more warm than the other 2 headphones. Closer in tonality to that of a hd 650.
  12. Another option is the dm control everything through roll 20 and you guys can just mimick the movements on the physical play area as well and run a stream through discord so he can monitor the play area as well.
  13. hdmi DAC isnt really a thing unless you use a reciever. what is better all depends on DAC quality. dolby atmos for headphones work pretty well on my USB DACs but its not something I really use.if you wanted to support somethign like DSD or MQA files then you would need specific types of DACS to do so
  14. here is a guide for eq and the post. for $50 you could benefit from a better source than a motherboard . if you have USB C on your motherboard. I asked one of my homies what he would buy for your budget as he is more aware of your budget region for source gear. these are what they reccomended https://www.aliexpress.com/i/1005002637026114.html https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002926045748.html