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[Win10] Application and .NET framework errors

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Posted · Original PosterOP
Hello! I have been having this problem for quite a while and I can't seem to find a solution anywhere else so I have decided to ask for help here.
As seen in the first link, I always get a ton of these error messages when I first start up my computer. This happened recently after Windows completed an update. My computer every once in a while would take really long to install a Windows update on startup, and then take longer to uninstall saying "we couldn't complete the updates". I couldn't figure out the problem until I realized I was low on disk space. After I cleaned up my disk drive for some more room, it finally updated.
Then I noticed that I got a ton of the error messages, seen in the first link, but I thought nothing of them. Then I realized, Discord was stuck on an "Update Failed, please try again in x seconds" screen. I tried to uninstall it but it just refused to uninstall. I tried reinstalling it and it said I needed .NET Framework 4.5 or higher. I tried installing that and it said I already had it. I figured that it wasn't much of a big deal because I could use Discord in the browser and hope the next Windows update fixes it. Shortly thereafter I saw a cool application called GOG Galaxy 2.0 that basically compiles all of your game libraries into one application. I tried installing it and I got the same .NET framework error. I tried installing the .NET framework again and the same issue occurred as seen in the second link.
Fast forward to recently when a new windows update came out and I was hopeful for the fixes, but still, nothing changed. I saw that Borderlands was free on the Epic Games Store and I installed it. I later then found out that it uses the .NET framework. I was thinking that maybe it would be fine this time, but I got an application error again. There is really nothing online I saw about how to fix this so I am completely lost. I really hope I get this fixed because it really sucks not being able to use my applications. Please leave help in the comments and thanks for reading this!
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