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worst pc of all time

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1 gb ram and literally potato pc. i want to be in rog rig reboot so baddddddddd 馃槩

i will show photos later also running 32 bit on a x64 based proccessor聽
and idk why but i think it has the oldest motherboard of all time. also has 2 sticks of ddr2 i believe and only show up 1 gb

anyone got any pc's for under 300 or 500 i can actually game with? (runs on a athlon x64 motherboard) :/

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-= Locked =-

Lol, I have a pc worse than that and it runs fine.

9 minutes ago, jwqe said:

anyone got any pc's for under 300 or 500 i can actually game with? (runs on a athlon x64 motherboard) :/

We don't allow begging in this forum, if your asking people for old pc's or asking to buy one we have a classified section that will be available when you reach a 100 post count.

Lastly we have Rog-Reboot Unofficial thread that would better help you聽with any questions you may have on this subject.

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