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Second monitor doesn't work (sometimes) after installing new GPU

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I just replaced my GTX 970 with a new 2060 super. My two monitors are a Dell S2417DG (working, primary monitor) and a Dell U2414H (not working, second monitor).


How the problem happened:

  • Installed new GPU
  • Plugged in monitors
  • Primary monitor worked, second did not

Furthermore whenever I fix the problem, it comes back the next day. At the end of the day I lock my computer and the monitors go to sleep but the computer stays running. HDMI also always works on the second monitor.


As for troubleshooting, I feel like I've done everything in the book and things that will make the monitor work sometimes won't work the next. I have tried:

  • 2 different DisplayPort cables (both have worked and not worked)
  • Using DDU to remove all previous graphics drivers (this didn't make it work, at least not on its own)
  • Turning DisplayPort 1.2 on and off on the second monitor (sometimes switching the setting either way makes it work, other times it doesn't)
  • Sometimes connecting HDMI seems to make it work correctly(?)
  • Power cycling monitor and PC (sometimes works sometimes doesn't)


If anyone has any ideas I'd be very appreciative, thanks in advance. Also if you want any more information about my PC, monitors, etc. let me know.

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