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Need help to fix this update issue with Steam.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello, I have got Rainbow 6 in steam and I have been downloading the recently released season update which is Void Edge from my off-peak data quota set by the ISP. The total update size is 66 GB, I started the download on the 26th last month, downloaded around 35 GB. I went back to steam to resume the update last night from the off-peak data and noticed that the download has gone back to 0 and is starting all over. I paused it because there's no way im downloading this from the beginning. I did a bit of searching and found out that these kind of issues happen with steam when another game update comes at the same time ur downloading one. 


There were few suggestions to fix the issue, such as restart steam, restart the PC, clear download cache and integrity checking. I also tried copying the files in the downloads folder of steam to another drive > stopped the update> restarted it > paused and quit steam > replaced the new files with the ones I copied to the other drive> started steam again hoping it to detect the files and resume the download from 35GB but nope. None of these worked.


It would be very helpful if someone could help me fix to this as downloading 66gb in our country is insane, its going to take me like 2 months worth of data to do it.  And what if this same BS happen again, I would have to kill myself. 


Thank you for your time. 

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