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  1. I have doubts if its hardware because its happening in 2 laptops.
  2. We have got 2 Lenovo L560 laptops with the following issue where the Ethernet adapter fails to start once the drivers are installed. We tried uninstall and reinstall several times using windows driver update in device manager, restarting the laptop, enable and disable driver, did windows updates, used software like driverpack and driver easy and still had no luck in getting the adapters up and running in either of the laptops. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hello, our workplace has a server with Server 2019 Datacenter and we are in need of limiting RAM usage for a couple of services of an application that's running on it. When we did some research, we came across some old posts of people suggesting Windows System Resource Manager. Some further digging on this we came across this in the Microsoft website : Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM) is deprecated beginning with Windows Server® 2012. and also noticed that its not available for install in Server manager. I did some look around & did not see any successor program to Windows System Res
  4. So I'm thinking of buying a phone real soon from the local market and my options are down to the LG V30 and the Xperia XZ3. My main focus is good rear camera quality for recording with the ability to multi task between a few apps. I will not be playing any games so don't care about gaming performance. I would also be using this phone for at least 2 years so really dont want a phone that will develop a fault. Which do you think is the best option. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your reply. If I put a bit more I can get a Sony Xperia XZ3, however I'm hearing overheating issues from that phone.
  6. Hello, I'm looking to buy a new phone available in the local market and this Fujitsu ARROWS Nx F-01K is available for my budget. Specs look alright on paper but I couldn't find any reviews for this phone. If this phone has got a good camera for video and able to multi task between a couple of social media apps that would do. By any chance has anyone used this phone or know anything about it. If so, please do leave a comment. Thanks.
  7. Hello, I have an excel sheet with duplicate phone numbers in a specific column. I want to keep the first number and delete the rest of it's duplicates without deleting it's rows or shifting up any of the cells. Any guidance to create a formula or some other method if any would be very helpful. Thanks.
  8. You can check on youtube to see what fps u are able to get and what settings they used.
  9. I am a person who like single player games and I noticed that in a long time I have never been excited for a new game release. Assassins creed was a series I closely followed and was almost always excited for, but after them going off track from the original story and now gone fully RPG I lost complete interest in it. So now im mostly playing older games that came prior to 2010. Their stories are far better than most modern games imo. But the issues are their controls are clunky and some times running them can be problematic with Windows 10. But after playing the older games idk wat I will pla
  10. Same here where I live. it has always been around 30% more than msrp. And right now with the shortage, import restrictions and down fall in economy it has become absolutely awful. Even cards such as a gtx 1660 cost a premium.
  11. Read materials what you find interesting in English.
  12. Do u not have any antivirus software installed in ur pc? I have noticed windows defender acts up like this once in a while and my guess is it is running a scheduled scan or something.
  13. Finished playing The Painscreek Killings. Would recommended it to anyone who likes walking simulator games with good story.