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  1. personally I find dark modes more difficult on my eyes and prefer the default
  2. im using my laptop screen and I dont think it has any of those features
  3. Hi. So I spend more than 12 hours sitting in front of a computer at a daily basis and I can feel that it is having an impact on my eye comfort. Usually when I turn off my pc around midnight to go to sleep I can feel my eyes have dried out a lot and I would be washing my eyes at the bathroom sink for around 5 mins to cool them down. I also experience some twitching in my eyes too at the end of every night. I can feel these effects coming up in my eyes now much earlier during the day time and my eyes feel very tired. (I can still see well though, its not like my eyesight has gone bad.) So becaus
  4. As I said, its been a while since I downloaded so I cant remember. Searching it now only brings up a download option from CNET downloads and it has flags for malware so I dont recommend downloading from them. In this app there is a visit our website option from the help tab and it redirects here: https://vidd.ly/ I guessed they have changed their name. Maybe give it a try.
  5. I use this thing called Free youtube downloader, its been a while since I downloaded this so i dnt remember where I got it from but I guess a quick google search will tell. This program gets the job done very well for me. You get to chose the video quality too. However I have noticed that videos that have been flagged for using copyright content cannot be downloaded using this. So im not sure if music can be downloaded from it.
  6. from new amd gpus i beleive the rx 550 is the cheapest.
  7. well if its for basic tasks like web browsing even a GT 710 should be sufficient. And they would be half the price
  8. Hello everyone, I have this issue in windows where some files and folders open minimized in a corner like this instead of opening full screen. Is there a way to reset this so that it opens full screen. Its annoying every time I have to resize it when im working. Thanks.
  9. They had us in the first half...


  10. Any news on when next gen consoles can be bought at a sensible price somewhere close to MSRP atleast? 

  11. Its a huge gamble I think, at one moment it will have alot of value and the next it has collapsed. Im seeing news like this since morning https://markets.businessinsider.com/currencies/news/bitcoin-price-dollar-rally-politics-risk-trump-impeachment-ethereum-crypto-2021-1-1029946824
  12. So I got windows explorer pinned to my task bar, and whenever I open it, it opens the quick access window. Is there a way to redirect this to another directory? I want this done because some times quick access gets bugged and when I open an explorer tab from taskbar, the window goes not responding and its a pain in the ass. I did some searching and all I found was methods to disable quick access completely and I dont want it done that way.
  13. hmmmm. I guess the only way to tell is to remove the battery completely and see if the issue still exists, so that I know its not a hardware related problem caused by the battery atleast. Thanks for coming to help
  14. no its not shutting off. Its going to sleep mode. press a button again and im back in the lock screen.