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  1. Any news on when next gen consoles can be bought at a sensible price somewhere close to MSRP atleast? 

  2. Its a huge gamble I think, at one moment it will have alot of value and the next it has collapsed. Im seeing news like this since morning https://markets.businessinsider.com/currencies/news/bitcoin-price-dollar-rally-politics-risk-trump-impeachment-ethereum-crypto-2021-1-1029946824
  3. So I got windows explorer pinned to my task bar, and whenever I open it, it opens the quick access window. Is there a way to redirect this to another directory? I want this done because some times quick access gets bugged and when I open an explorer tab from taskbar, the window goes not responding and its a pain in the ass. I did some searching and all I found was methods to disable quick access completely and I dont want it done that way.
  4. hmmmm. I guess the only way to tell is to remove the battery completely and see if the issue still exists, so that I know its not a hardware related problem caused by the battery atleast. Thanks for coming to help
  5. no its not shutting off. Its going to sleep mode. press a button again and im back in the lock screen.
  6. So I had this issue for sometime in my HP laptop where it would automatically go to sleep when I even have sleep and screen timeout both disabled from the power settings. I know in this laptop the battery has gone bad. however this issue happens even when I have it plugged into the power. So im wondering whats going on. I have used laptops before with faulty batteries but none of them ever cut off and put itself to sleep even when running some application. Is this the faulty battery that is somehow causing this issue even when the laptop to be plugged in or could it be something else?
  7. Ahhhh, gud ol' Saints Row 2. 


  8. yea, but there are people who run around in them like crazy and play like light tanks. they do the scouting and sometimes sneak into base and take out the SPGs. I remember its got insane rate of fire too, so if u meet another LT or an MT u could put multiple shots onto them and even kill them before they reload. The E25 on the right hands and bit of support from an LT team mate could do serious damage to the enemy.
  9. sadly for both my tv and laptop, there isnt much out there. I believe this is because they were only sold in specific regions.
  10. Its been a couple of years since I played WOT in pc and back then the E25 was one of the most op tanks in the game. They even removed it from the store back then. Idk how its doing now but im guessing its probably un-nerfed as its a premium tank.
  11. Hello, I got an HP Pavilion Laptop and this is what I game on. The online competitive games I have played in it is Rainbow 6. And using the laptop screen to play, I haven't felt anything wrong with the screen itself that is affecting my gameplay. This made me wonder how much the response time of its screen is. When I went and had a look at the spec sheet in the HP website (here:https://support.hp.com/ph-en/document/c05930093) I noticed they haven't mentioned anything about response time of its display. Im thinking of building a pc later this year, and if the response time of my la
  12. So I got a pc where its HDD fill up immediately as I free up some space and I want to know about a monitoring tool where I can monitor this live as it happens. So far im using Treesize to monitor my storage usage and Im having trouble telling whats happening in this pc using it.
  13. pfsense and openwrt can be used to make a router out of an old pc u got lying around. however, I believe u would still need a router or a dongle to connect to the internet. I used openwrt few years back and i think it can also be flashed into the router itself. (should be a compatible router)