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Build new PC in November, now i only run into Problems.

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Posted · Original PosterOP


i am very desperate thats why i am posting into this Forum. 

I hope i write in the right topic.

Well.. in November i habe build a new PC with:

Win 10 Pro

ROG Strix b450-E

Ryzen 5 2600x

RTX 2070 

Corsair Vengence RGB 4x 8 GB RAM 3200 mhz

600w be quiet PSU

240 Gb SSD 

1 gb HDD 

( i added 1tb of HDD about 4 days ago because i ran out of storage)

So it all began when i wondered, that i couldnt run my RAM above 2400 MHZ. When i change it, my PC wont boot at all. I have to clear my CMOS Battery to get it to boot again.

my CPU wouldnt boost above 3,8 instead of the 4,2. 


So.. i have noticed that my PC was slower then usual. 

So i have tried to reinstall Windows. but nop no chance. it just Always tells me, that there were no changes made because an error had appeared.

then i have tried to wipe all datas of all hard drives while resetting, hoping that would fix my problems, but again, i couldnt. it always tells me that there were no changes made and that the process have failed.

now i am getting random bluescreens too. mostly while moving data from C: to E: for example. or while installing NVIDIA Gefroce Updates via nvidia experience. 

when i tried to start for honor on ubisoft it just tells me that the datas are corrupted, even though i had just downloaded it again. 

i tested tombraider, wich started normally. 

i just really want to wipe off all data and start clean off, but i dont know how. 

i have tried the Media Creation tool too but i failed too. 


maybe you guys can tell me what kind of screenshots i should add here to give you more informations about what is wrong. 


i just dont understand how you can spend 1000 Euro + on a computer and the software just fails to work SO hard like this. 


i thought about waiting for an update, i had the same problem on the laptop i am writing once, and an update fixed my problem. then i was able to remove everything and now, at least here everything works normally. 


by the way, uplay is checking the data of for honor and then tries to install direct X then i got an bluescreen again.  and i know that uplay is an piece of garbage, but i dont have anything else to test it on.

greeting from germany, 


sorry for my grammar. i am just this close to getting a mental breakdown. 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

All right, i just remembered. i took an HDD from my sisters old Computer and had put it into my PC. there was WIN7 on it, and my PC always booted win7. i just tried problem solving tool and it told me that my PC isnt able to run Direct 11.  maybe it has something to do with that?

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Get somebody who are experienced in building pc. Looks like you're build are messed up.


You always boot to windows 7 because youre boot disk is the win 7 disk, change to the win10 drive in the bios.

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Make sure Bios is up to date and that the settings/spec are showing up ok in the Bios. If ram/cpu having issues you could run memtest86 to make sure nothing is going wrong. If your using a old HDD care that it as it could have sectors that could be failing. This could be causing issues as Windows could be installed onto these bad sectors. Make sure Drivers are updated in Windows.


Motherboard drivers: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-B450-E-GAMING/HelpDesk_Download/

AMD Drivers: https://www.amd.com/en/support/cpu/amd-ryzen-processors/amd-ryzen-5-desktop-processors/amd-ryzen-5-2600x


You could run tests to see what parts are causing issues. HDTUNE/FurMark/Prime95/Memtest86. These will allow you to isolate what could be causing the issues. 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have the latest BIOS and AMD drivers. 

my Windows is installed on a SSD wich i bought new in November. 

I am Booting windows 10 like always, it just tried to load Win7 when i put the HDD in because i had to formate it because the old pc wasnt running anymore. 


I am getting theis error with direct x. im sorry that it is in german. i will change the language tomorrow and post again. 


I have tried recovery mode again. and it always bluescreens me,  saying that there is data missing and that it rolled back to no changes at all. 

i will try buying a USB stick and try to reinstall windows with it. this might be helping. 


Could faulty RAM be the reason that i cant reinstall windows?Unbenannt3.thumb.png.5228e9390ad673d65a85e256076b2825.pngDxDiag.txtUnbenannt56.thumb.png.3d30840d7cf9c7bbb09078506e17c83b.pngUnbenannt2.thumb.png.a62462fbc0a532ea87328439c42e4fab.pngUnbenannt.thumb.png.5c0d9d2971ab00f22bb063e638630aa6.png

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I just wanted to update. i have bought an USB stick and put Win10 with the MediaCreationTool on it and have reinstalled windows. Well i guess it didnt do anything. i still cant Reset the PC 100%. it still tells me that there was a failure. 

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sooo..  everything started after you connected the harddrive? .. did you try to disconnect it? 

since the new disk is the last you changed i would start disconnecting that one.

media creation tool you have to disable windows defender or any antivirus you have to create a USB, or it will kick inn when you try to write a bootdisk. 


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