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Looking for Bluetooth Sport in earbuds

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey Guys/Girls/Other,

I am currently looking for new bluetooth earphones because my old one (Mpow Flame) are breaking slowly down. I use my earphones each day and furthermore I am going to the gym each day. This means I like when they are connected in someway or they can be connected via a cable. That is something I liked about the Mpow Flame they had the hook to be fixed to your ear and that they were connected by a cable. On the other side the connection range was shit sometimes and the sound was "ok" I guess but they only costed me about 20€. Right now I am looking for earphones in a price range for about 50€-70€. So pretty much I am looking for earphones with:


- Earphones that are good for daily use and good while being in the gym 
- Price between 50€ and 70€

- Good Bluetooth Connection 

- Mediocre/Long Batterylife (Fast Charging would be also great)

- Either a hook for the ear or they should be connected/connectable by cable 

- Good all around sound (I listen to Metal, Rock, EDM, Future Core, ....)


If you come up with any other practical thing I will add them to the list.


Thank you in advance 

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