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Best size for 4k TV.

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So, i have a 40" 1080p non-smart Sony TV which works just fine, however i've been thinking about getting a new and bigger one since once you get used to it, it kinda starts looking smaller xd. 55 inch tv's don't quite make the trick for me because despite looking definitely bigger, they don't give me the "cinematic" feel i'm after so for me the sweetspot is really around 65" however that brought me back to the size/picture quality ratio issue, where a monitor bigger than 27" really starts showing some spacing between pixels which finally brings me to the main issue, in your opinion what size is the largest you can go with a 4k tv before it starts looking ugly, all that considering not everything i play on it is gonna be 4k but rather re-scaled 1080p; i'd like to go as far as 75" but i've got the feeling it's not gonna look ok.

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I guess it really depends how far you are actually sitting away from it. Obviously, the closer you go, the uglier it's gonna look on larger displays. So if you are sitting rather close to it, i guess i would stick with 65" max, whereas if you are sitting further away, bigger displays should be fine, although 75" displays are mostly overpriced in comparison to most 65" displays imho.

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In my opinion TV"s are not recommended for computers

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I have 55 inch LG one 4k 60hz 10ms response , works great and I'm sitting almost a meter away and it looks great, would suggest running everything at 4k tho

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13 minutes ago, Constantin said:

In my opinion TV"s are not recommended for computers

I wouldn't recommend them for daily use either but for some couch gaming they are amazing. 



From time to time I use my 60" 4k for racing Sims (Project Cars 2) and then I sit like 1-1.5m away from it max. I don't notice anything wrong with pixel density and whatnot. I'd generally say with that distance or more, 75" would still look good. 

You can see if it's 'retina' here:



For example my 60" needs about 120cm distance in order to be retina, which is pretty much what I described above. For 75" you'd look at 150cm distance. 

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I have a Samsung Q60R 55" which I think is big enough, but it sits right infront of my bed, so if you have a normal living room setum it might be a bit too small.


Its quite nice for Gaming also, since it has freesync and support 120HZ 1440p.

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I haven't done any gaming on my TV yet, only movies.

I have it 11 feet from my chair in the living room for what is pleasing viewing for me on a 55" 4k Samsung.

I love to watch movies so I tried to get the big theater experience as much as my small budget has allowed lol.

I also think the bigger the TV gets the greater distance you have to move it back.


I to have mostly 1080p stuff I watch on it. I love movies and have almost all of them on Blu-ray.

Which weirdly just looks better to me then the 4k stuff. I guess I'm the odd one out but I don't like the trend to make everything look red on the 4k TVs. That and other stuff on them looks like a step down not up to me personally. I like the picture to look more blueish. It is just feels more quality to me for some reason.


Every time I go to Best Buy. I stand and drool at those expensive OLED TVs. The color on them is so rich. If I ever get one I'm going to adjust that sucker to look blue and be in movie heaven. 😄   

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