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  1. Hi, i usually have no problem with buying DLC or in-game currency as far as it makes any sense but when i had a look at CMS 2018 i found it ridiculous how much DLC the game has, which seems to be a recurring issue with many other games, anyway, i looked into it and found many cars i'd like to build and work on are locked behind the pay wall, however, i noticed the game has a working workshop and couldn't help but wonder if it's possible to get DLC cars through the workshop or mods from nexusmod, i know i could google it up individually, but i'd like an answer from someone who has played it and
  2. Hi, as title suggests i'm interested on buying broken pc components (and i mean it, like fried up cpu's, gpu's and such) in order to collect them and put on display, it started when i refused to throw away my own pc components' boxes and actually got a couple more from a friend who had just built his, but i'm currently looking forward to collect basically good looking junk to display in different ways, one of which is a MoBo wall like the one Linus made, but without painting it. The only issue is that i can't seem to find anywhere to buy at actual junk prices since people always ke
  3. Do a fresh install or remove all video drivers with DDU before reinstalling, i had (kinda still have) the same issue with an RX590, the framerate is fine, solid 60fps but then it freezes and either crashes completely or just for a minute or so like it turns itself off and messes with iCue, not even high temps, barely even touching 80°C but the fans start spinning like mofos and it crashes, my solution was to underclock it just above an RX580 and pull the power limit to -10, also it kinda depends on what i play and on which settings, for instance, Hellblade Senua's sacrifice wouldn't run over 5
  4. I did 1Tb NVME + 2Tb purple seagate for pr0n and stuff and on my fresh install it feels really snappy and still got 500 Gb for more games, essentially anything that's not too heavy or doesn't need to load instantly like PvP stuff is fine in a large, slower HDD.
  5. Man i want those fans, have the same case, with an RX590 and for me the best is taking all the dust filters off for both optimal airflow and looks, i have 6 fans, all in except for the two at the top and so far so good, obviously my setup isn't as much of a beast as yours but i think you shouldn't have temp issues as far as you keep fan curves reasonable. Edit: Also get yourself some white sleeved cables ffs
  6. As straightforward as it sounds, i have the following RGB components mostly Corsair iCUE RGB environment and need some new ideas for setting the lights up. 4x 120mm and 140mm LL fans 2x Corsair vengeance RGB pro RAM sticks K55 crappy RGB keyboard Harpoon RGB mouse AsRock mATX steel legend RGB Mobo AMD Wraith spire LED CPU cooler No RGB GPU nor LED strips for now PS: Say "rainbow" and i'll cough my lungs out on you...
  7. Didn't know you could do that, gonna check that out.
  8. Hi guys, so last December i built my very first gaming PC and i was too budget-limited to get a decent GPU so i ended up going for an RX590 which has been consistently giving me some issues with crashes and whatnot something i've found to be rather "common" among last gen Radeon gpu's; they seem to have ditched most of whatever they were doing for Polaris architecture and now they focus only on their new RDNA stuff which i certainly can't blame them for but anyway i don't think i'll get anything more on performance or even stability if i stick to my rx590. So that made me go look around for a
  9. So, i have a 40" 1080p non-smart Sony TV which works just fine, however i've been thinking about getting a new and bigger one since once you get used to it, it kinda starts looking smaller xd. 55 inch tv's don't quite make the trick for me because despite looking definitely bigger, they don't give me the "cinematic" feel i'm after so for me the sweetspot is really around 65" however that brought me back to the size/picture quality ratio issue, where a monitor bigger than 27" really starts showing some spacing between pixels which finally brings me to the main issue, in your opinion what size i
  10. According to the internet that's usually the way to fix it, however actually reducing power by 10% seems to have worked for me, i wonder if i could just clock it more similarly to an RX580 in order to make it completely stable.
  11. Wicked, man, huge thanks! That actually works better for me, sadly i had already bought sims 3 on steam, i think that's gonna be my drowning people sim now.
  12. I think it will reach a point in which it will all soon collapse due to the changes in strict adaptability and survival of the fittest, thing is, humans invented societies, institutions and laws, there's even the human right to "reproduce". Long story short: We messed up the game by introducing our self appreciation into the equation and the only way out is in my own opinion (no one has ever agreed with me) a massive purge of our bloodline followed by more systematic breeding, not for the rewarding feelings of being a parent but for the sake of raising the best human samples depend
  13. The only wae in RGB is called Corsair, if your MoBo has RGB i'd rather go with Gigabyte since i've heard awful things about Asus' RGB and AsRock is not impressive either, but for the rest absolutely go 100% Corsair.
  14. You probably tried Acronis which is shite, it tells you you can't perform the cloning when YOU ARE fkin about to clone the damn HDD, try Macrium Reflect instead, it's free, and does the job from inside windows, also don't install everything on the SSD since most stuff would not even show the slightest improve in loading time, only those games that take a whole minute or two to display the title screen or load maps.
  15. Hi guys, before anything else, happy new year to y'all; now, i'm looking for the best possible game to make houses and overall buildings with as much freedom as possible, i thought House Flipper would be the best fit for me but after watching some reviews it seems the player is kinda hand-tied by the size of the property acquired and can't just build houses as in a sandbox mode or anything, so i started looking around and found a couple games that might suit my needs but not entirely, i got LEGO worlds just because it was dirty cheap on CDKeys, but i'm still on the search of an ideal house bui