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  1. I watch LTT, TechLinked and Techquickie mostly at night and sometimes on Saturday morning. I like to watch build videos and anything that looks interesting. I don't like cryptic video titles and usually will skip those. Mainly because on youtube in general I have found those to be more often disappointing and boring to me. I don't watch the other Linus channels because I feel that as a loyal LTT viewer. I shouldn't have to jump to so many different channels to watch interesting content. Just my thing I guess. I just think it is bad to spread the content so thin to cover s
  2. I hate to say it but I think your out of luck on that one. My nephew had an iPod touch many years ago that he forgot the code to unlock it and the password for his account. He talked to all kinds of support people back then and he never could get that thing open again. It set in the family garage on a pile of junk for years. In perfect working order but he couldn't ever use it again. It was a real bummer for him. I can understand supports point of view on that stuff though. I mean that is the whole point of security to keep people from taking your account.
  3. When I was watching this I was thinking that Linus's crew could probably make one better then this case. With all that equipment they have and the fact of it being just a simple small form factor box. That could be an interesting video. Them cutting all the various pieces out and making it look nice.
  4. If it was me I would have done this differently. After all the whole idea just like with everything today is to get as many people as possible hooked on your platform right? I would have made the price lower so everyone would buy it including all the adults who now pc or console game. I would have made the screen bigger. Made it like an ipad size screen with the same little handles they have on this on each side. I also would have let it use thumb drives of any size for storage. With just those changes I think this thing would have taken over the world in gaming
  5. I feel your pain dude. Comcast cable has been one mile from my house for like twenty years. There is more than a dozen houses from that point to my home but I don't think it will ever come to my house. I'd guess that dsl is what your probably going to need to look for. I've only ever been able to get a really slow dsl service myself but I'm also hoping for Starlink to come to my area too in the future. What I've heard in the past from people is that they really hated what they got for the money from other satellite providers. So I'm really, really hoping St
  6. This is obvious I know but sometimes your web surfing can get a whole lot snappier just but deleting your browser history every few months. If your using an older pc with a HDD in it. Defrag it right after you delete the browser history too and also cycle the pc after the defrag (if your the type to never turn it off after using it). I've found that these things can make a noticeable difference in an older pc that still uses a HDD.
  7. I'd just google wall mount pc. I've seen them before with the straps and wall mounting hardware for businesses. I can't remember the exact website but I'm pretty sure that I just googled wall mounted pc. That's how I came across them one day. If I remember correctly the wall mount hardware for the most part was not that expensive either.
  8. I was thinking after watching this that if I had spent that much on a receiver. I would make sure when I moved that the new place would have a closed in room with four walls and a door to setup in lol. I tried calibrating my receiver when I first got it but I didn't like the results very much. Of course mine was only 10 percent of the cost of the one James bought. Plus my hearing is often not so good. I like lots of the subwoofer but I still want all the high range sound quality too without it getting chopped. Why is good sound so expensive? I miss the
  9. Yeah what he said. I saw on a video recently that the prebuilt companies have plenty of graphics cards because they apparently order parts far in advance. I can't remember who made that video but they were saying stuff like the prices at this time are reasonable for prebuilts. Even if you hate prebuilt systems. You could still just get a nice prebuilt system for way less then the budget you said just to hold you over for now. HP, DELL or one of the gaming prebuilt companies. Say around $1800.00 US and then do something different later when things come back to normal.
  10. My dream car hasn't been invented yet. I want an electric car that is totally AI controlled. I just ride in back seat. It would only come when I schedule it to on my phone. The rest of the time it would be driving other people to other places. Also I would only have to pay a couple of hundred bucks every month to use it. I wouldn't have to pay for anything just the use rent every month. The company that owns it would pay for everything else to maintain it. I would love a set up like that mainly because I find day to day driving tedious and the cars super overpriced for
  11. Thanks for posting this. I've got to try to set my iPad to make noise or something when security updates come. I hate it when I have any problems with my iPad now because it has become my main entertainment portal lately. So I try to put them on right away.
  12. Hey, Hi I know what you mean about bad timing lol. I just started buying my first parts for my new system build before all this happened. My first machine ever that wouldn't have been an HP laptop or prebuilt. I was so looking forward to it. The case has been sitting with a sheet over it for like a year. With these graphics cards high prices now at the end of everything else. It's like Kong took a giant dump on that fun. I been hanging on all this time playing really old games on my ancient desktop. So then to top everything else off and put a This Sucks
  13. Blue Ridge Summit PA in the USA.
  14. Hi I'm not really that expert on Tech but I love to compare notes about it with people. I am also sometimes a lousy speller lol. I can't help with the rest sorry.